Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have been thinking about rituals today, and in particular Sunday rituals. I love Sundays and there are several activities I like to do that really enforce the feeling of relaxing at the end of the weekend, but one in particular I am missing this Sunday morning is The Waltons!

Now say what you will but I have always loved this show, which I watched with my sister as a child, and as I grew up and it was moved to Sunday mornings I carried on watching it.

Without out being blasphemous it was kind of like going to church! A healthy dose or moral fibre with the added bonus of characters you loved and had grown up with.

An old flat mate a I used to get up in our PJ's on Sunday mornings, make a cooked breakfast and then curl up in our duvets on the couch to watch the show.

It has not been on for some years now and I do miss it. I may have to treat myself to the box set one of these days as I am sure it is something you can buy now.

When ever I see one of the actors in another film I instantly feel a bond with them. I saw Richard Thomas (John Boy Walton) in a film once where he played a baddy and it totally threw me, it was so out of character, the perfect example of type casting!

Image Credit: Mortys TV

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its Tool, Make of it What You Will

Ok, I am not sure about the video, its a little wierd for me, but I love this song.

Found It!

I take it all back! Sorry You Tube! Well I don't take it all back as I do think things change too quickly however I have found the embed button!! To celebrate here is a fabulous clip of Frank Skinner dancing in his underpants. I could watch this all day! Simple things...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Being Left Behind

I have begun to feel a bit left behind of late, in terms of my PC.

I have noticed since the development of social networking sites that Blogging is being superceded by Twitter and the likes and utilising an online function on my blog seems to be harder and harder.

I don't think Twitter is for me and love Blogging however the most recent insult seems to have come from You Tube which in the last few days (unless I am being very stupid) no longer gives you the option to embed a video on your blog and does not show Blogger on the sharing option.

I was going to post a song by a rock band I like called Tool, its a hard, angry style of rock that suits both good and bad moods and I was looking forward to sharing it however I no longer can. I can still post a link to You Tube but its not as convenient for me or visitors who may be tempted to watch a video and listen to a song.

I have only been blogging for four years and my method of global communication is already out of date! The new Blogger in Draft, which by the way has kindly provided me with my new blog templates, now offers photo uploading from online web albums or URL's which I do not use out of preference! You can upload from your PC but it takes three times as long, (not an exaggeration, in fact and understatement) often does not work, and the upload from your PC is hidden in the upload from a web album/ URL option.

Ok I know I am over reacting and there are literally millions of bloggers out there. It makes little difference anyway as I will continue with my blog, and blogging companions, no matter what but I can't help wondering if one day I will try to log on to receive a message that says 'This service is no longer available, please go elsewhere.'

Blimey maybe I am getting old and this how everything feels!!! I am going to go and listen to Tool, very loud! If you are a fan of loud and slightly dirty rock go and check them out on You Tube! And if anyone reading this knows I am being stupid about You Tube and feels like being kind please feel free to advise me accordingly.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Pond

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

And Then There Were 5

Well the new pond is now complete and the old one defunct and low, we have five frogs! We had to introduce them to the new pond by gentle force (transportation in the net) however they are now all in, have had a good explore and are hanging around at the edges. I think they were waiting for us to go inside so they could get out!

Once they have explored we think they will be much happier, its a bigger pond and there are bigger and better rocks, nooks and crannies for them to hide in. Also now that all the plants are in around the pond there is plenty of cover and they have safe passage to the rest of the garden.

We know they move around the garden as they turn up in odd places when we are weeding and once discovered make a bee-line back to the pond! They have also been spotted coming out of the pond when it rains to sit on the path and enjoy a shower.

It's too dark to take a picture of the pond tonight but I will get one tomorrow and post it.


This is Kamrita (pronounced kaa-am-rita). She is a Bengal Tiger estimated to be between 7-8 years old. She lives in Chatwan National Park, southern Nepal. We are now her proud sponsors! Find out how you can sponsor a Tiger or other wild animals here.

Friday, April 09, 2010

To Bed, Perchance to Sleep?

Ok I know that is a cruel way to treat such a beautiful phrase as the last line from Hamlet's famous soliloquy, and I use it in a literal sense, but it suits my needs perfectly. I cannot sleep!

It does not happen to me often and has occurred much more in recent years, predominantly as a result of worrying about work, but when it does happen I am very soon aware that while the bed may be comfy and my eyes may be closed, my brain is not going to switch off!

I hate lying there for hours, as the time passes both quickly and slowly, and bed (one of my favourite places to be) becomes a slow torture.

I usually give myself a certain amount of time to try and relax and shake of my train of thought. I try focusing on the story of my current book, or daydream off to lands I have discovered through favourite TV programmes or books form my past and this is often successful.

However every once it a while it proves futile and my only other proven treatment is to get up for a while, have a cup of tea and distract myself by blogging or reading. TV is usually naff at that time in the morning or there is a horror film on and that's not the kind of distraction I need!

I feel a bit bad for the dogs, who sleep in the living room and do not like to be disturbed. But I have kept all of the lights off and have a blanket under my keyboard to keep typing noise to a minimum!

Anyway, it's all very silly really. I have my client progress meeting tomorrow and for one reason or another I have two colleagues attending who can be unprofessional, unpredictable and in case of one of them volatile and ignorant. It is likely that the meeting will pass without incident and I will fall into bed tomorrow night annoyed at my concern currently robbing me of sleep but for the present it is a big enough worry.

So I am currently reading The Time Travellers Wife which I am finding excellent. It is such a clever story. I am not planning on giving anything away but I anticipate being entertained for the duration of the book.

I got back into reading more books last year having read sporadically for years now and I cannot get enough. I am keeping a record of the books I read on my blog. This is only my fourth book so far this year and I am currently reading 2 of those books at the same time however we have a weeks holiday planned soon during which I intend to bury my nose for a few days. We have both got a small stack of books to take away with us.

I treasure the time I get to read in. I used to favour film over books as a child but now appreciate the depth and detail of a story that I think only books can give.

Well it's now 1.20am and my eyes are starting to feel droopy. This may seem a short post but as I am trying to be quiet by typing slowly, and have already made a cup of tea, I have actually been up for a while!

Well I am off back to bed to ponder Henry and Clare (current book characters) and hope that they will lead me to sleep, perchance to dream. Goodnight Bloggers.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Garden Party

It is my fellas birthday on Tuesday however as we have four days off for the Easter Bank Holiday I asked him if he wanted to start celebrating early and he chose today to be his 'un-official' birthday. We have therefore planned four days of birthday spoils including todays event of purchasing and digging in a pond!

The weather has been kind and the rain kept at bay until the last half hour. As such we have a shiny new pond with plants in situ!

We put a small pond in a couple of years back using a liner and our resident frogs moved straight in, the new one is bigger and we can't wait for them to venture over and take a dip. We currently have three frogs, that we know of, and one newt.

When we put the first pond in they were in the water before we had finished tidying away so I don't expect it will take long. They may have to fight for space with the dogs though! Roxy is a water baby and I have no doubt will give it a go at some point.


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