Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Hate Windows 7!

Ok, at first I thought it was new and logical, but the Microsoft Office that comes with it is a pain in the butt. So actually I guess I don't hate Windows 7, I hate Microsoft Office version whatever!

I have spent some years now learning how to use Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Access to some proficiency. Now however, although I know how to use everything I can't find it! New menus, new titles and new symbols are making my working life hell as it takes me twice as long to do everything. And don't get me stared on CAD 2011!

Ok, I am done!

Keep Music Live

After posting whipping post last night we started cruising You Tube for other live favourites and happened across Queen at Live Aid. We ended up watching Live Aid on the DVD for a while. Seeing Freddie Mercury live always gives me goose bumps, as did watching David Bowie after. Actually watching David Bowie live makes me fill up a bit, I do love him so! Where is he nowadays! I will have to check out his website.

I do miss Freddie Mercury and am delighted to say that my nephew at the tender age of 8 is a Queen fan.

Anyway I am going to post a couple of other music favourites which we sort out last night but I did not post due to getting distracted. Music is one of my loves and passions and something I am happy to say I share with Mr Dancin. We really are Mr and Mrs Dancin Fool, as well as Mr and Mrs Tree! (Mr Dancin is also an Arborist.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have wanted a bureau for some time now, which is a little odd for me as I don't actually want any furniture and belongings, nice as they are kind of get me down...too much baggage and all that. However I do live in a house and I do have belongings.

I would love to be the kind of person who threw everything away and had nothing to worry about accept my toothbrush, camera, wallet and passport, but I am not, I am actually part horder!

Sometime ago now we bought a small unit for me to have my stuff in in the living room so I could stop worrying about where I had put it or whether Mr Dancin had moved it. You know the usual couples complaints of 'you moved it' vs 'no you put it somewhere else'. Sometimes Mr Dancin is right and sometimes I am right.

Anyway, my cupboard is great, trouble is it is not big enough!

I love old style bureaus and have a lovely image of me sitting at one, composing letters and filing away my prized important documents and nick nacks in all of it's neat little compartents, helping me feel more organised!

Perhaps even one with a secret draw that I would no doubt find something to put in that future generations may find and marvel over!

I also think that somehow being organised helps life feel a little less hectic. There may be little order and stability in life but I will a least be in control of somethings.

I wonder if primative civilisations had the same urge and carved intricate shelves for themselves in their caves and other dwellings to stash away important objects and sentimental treasures? Although I expect they had significantly less stuff to stash than I do!

Actually that's something else to add to my list of limited possessions, my toothbrush, my camera, my wallett, my passport and my laptop with mobile storage device!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's All Downhill From Here...Isn't It?

Well Tuesday was definitely better than Monday, Wednesday has been a mixture. I had to visit some farmers and members of the public today to discuss tree works with them and they were all lovely people, happy to give their time and talk trees which is always lovely. I can talk trees 'till the cows come home! I really must look that saying up! (What is the entomology of that idiom as Data would say!)

I do however have a poorly pup again. Bud got bitten by a rather aggressive and much bigger dog last night and has a horrible wound over his eye. The vet has sent him home without stitches and on a course on anti biotic but I called them again this afternoon as the wound smells and looks horrible. They have told me to bathe it every few hours, put a sock on his foot so he can't rub it with his dew claw, and take him in in the morning if it is no better. They are very good vets but wait and see is never what you want to hear as a worried guardian!

Actually is 'till the cows come home actually an idiom? I know burn the midnight oil is...something else to look up.

I am much smarter thanks to the Internet...and Star Trek TNG!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Actually I don't dislike all Mondays but I didn't love this one! Still it's over and this song has made me smile and dance, as it always does. So I am sharing the joy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Tent

I have been away for a week in Suffolk working and attending a 3 day course and took my tent with me. Mr Dancin' got lots of comments like 'Can't the company afford to put her up in a hotel?' but the truth is I would really prefer to camp. I love camping and really mean if I could live in a tent I would. Also I hate staying away in B & B's on my own. I never sleep well and it is always awkward doing things in the evening like eating and going out in the town as a girl on her own is always a little odd to other folk. This way I got to spend my evenings sitting out in the open, in the glorious weather, or walking through the countryside, or when it was raining sitting in my tent reading or playing on my laptop. It was fab!

The people on the camp site were really friendly and I even got a visit from a dog when I most needed it. I did actually have one bad day and returned to the tent feeling a little blue and a dog appeared out of no where to cheer me up. It's funny how many times that happens, you have had a bad day or a bad moment and suddenly a dog appears at your feet and wags its tail.

This one wagged its tail, had a pat, pee'd up my car and then ran off with my bag of rubbish! Needless to say within seconds my frown was turned upside down!

On the last day of camping we had torrential down pours and I am delighted to say my tent survived its first storm unscathed and kept the rain off my bedding!

I have been camping regularly and for long term stints for 13 years or so now and feel like I have picked up a trick or two. So while I was away I thought of some camping tips to pass on. Here they are:

  1. If you are camping with a vehicle, and therefore have the space, take a duvet. Sleeping bags are warm but restrictive. Collapsing into my double duvet with proper pillows every night was heavenly and I slept like a baby.
  2. Do not buy a blow up air bed but get one of the self inflating ones that look really flat but are in fact incredibly comfortable and supportive.
  3. Use a silver foil coated under matt as they give extra comfort and reflect the heat, even on a waterlogged site in February. (That'll teach Mr Dancin' to ask me what I wanted to do for my birthday - go camping of course!)
  4. Wear flip flips into the shower and take a loose fitting garment to wear like jogging bottoms or a skirt for when you get out. There is never anywhere to sit and dry your feet without getting your towel filthy and jeans are impossible to put back on after a shower! 
  5. Invest in a head torch. They will light your tent, aid reading when tent bound on a rainy night, aid walking in the dark and leave you hands free!
  6. If camping in the summer, and you need your sleep, go to bed early. If the birds do not wake you at 5.00am, the heat inside the tent will at 6.00am! 

So there you go, all fairly common sense stuff but things I did not have or think about when I first went camping!

Anyway the week on the whole was great but it is also good to be back home with my man, my dogs, and my blog!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Willow the Badger

There is another Video of the rescued badger being hand fed dates HERE!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Endings

I am absolutely delighted to report that our rescued badger was released back into the wild last night having made a full recovery. You can read about it and watch a short video of his release HERE.

Robert Palmer At His Best

I have had a country night tonight hence all the music posts following this! Anyway I was very disappointed not to be able to find a couple of favourites of mine on You Tube by Robert Palmer and Little Feat, so I made my own videos and posted them! Here they are, enjoy Robert at his best.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All That You Dream

Dixie Chicken

Change It

Tennessee Plates

Long Haired Country Boy

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Seven Bridges Road

I'm Mandy, Fly Me

Word Verification

I have noticed that some peoples blogs have very interesting words and more importantly easily copyable words for their random word verification. I was just visiting at T-Bones and it asked me to type the word TOPIC after my comment, nice and simple.

There are some sites where the word verification is almost un-readble, in fact I got one the other day and it was so complicated, case sensative and hard to read due to the font, that I got it wrong 4 times!

It reminds me of a funny story; many years ago an English friend of mine (How discrete am I?! You know who you are!) came to visit me in Cardiff. When he went to the cash machine it asked him if he wanted to complete his transaction in English or Welsh. He decided to live dangerously and chose Welsh thinking that as the steps were fairly simple and did not deviate much from bank to bank he would be able to cope. The result was he got it wrong and lost his card. Rather annoying as we were on our way to the pub at the time and he had to wait for his card to be returned to him in the post!

Anyway my point is Word verification is supposed to rout out the machines and not present a visual puzzle for humans!

Image Credit: Saragu

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Good Decision

The Badger Trust has said it is “delighted" with a Court of Appeal ruling which reversed a judicial review supporting the Welsh Assembly Government's (WAG) controversial badger cull. The ruling announced today (Tuesday) effectively means that the cull, which had been suspended during the appeal process will now be halted.

The three law lords: Lord Justice Pill, Lady Justice Smith and Lord Justice Stanley Burnton ruled that ministers had made an error in making an order for the whole of Wales, when they had only consulted on the basis of the Pembrokeshire Intensive Action Pilot Area.

The Welsh ministers conceded the appeal by reference to this point and the court unanimously agreed that it rendered the Order unlawful.

The law lords also ruled that April's ruling in favour of the Welsh Assembly by the High Court had made an error of law in holding that the words "substantially reduce" could be interpreted as any reduction in TB that was "more than merely minor or trivial"; and in holding that the cull could go ahead without Rural Affairs minister Elin Jones balancing the harm done by the cull against its potential benefits.

David Williams, chairman of the Badger Trust, said that the legal battle had been an enormous undertaking, both physically and financially, for an organisation with only three part time staff.

Despite a protective costs regime which saved £10,000, the trust's legal bill will be well into six figures. Mr Williams expressed his thanks to supporters for their donations and encouragement.

"Of all the wildlife organisations the Badger Trust exists to secure the welfare of our native protected species, the badger, and we will continue to do so through lawful means,” he said.

“We are pleased to see that the protection offered by wildlife law cannot be vitiated by political smoke and mirrors and that the court saw the issues so clearly.

"Scientific evidence about the futility of killing badgers to control bovine TB remains exactly the same. Killing badgers can play no meaningful part in the eradication of bovine TB and robust cattle measures are sufficient, as demonstrated by evidence that the rate of increase in new TB outbreaks in Wales is already starting to slow.”

He added that trust hoped that the Minister would now adopt a strategy of vaccination as a cost-effective, viable alternative to the cull.

"It is ironical that there is evidence that bTB in Wales is declining without badgers being killed, but still the clamour for the deaths of badgers persists in the forlorn hope that such slaughter could ease the serious consequences of bTB,” he said.

“This dreadful disease has been beaten before without killing wildlife".

Article Credit: Western Telegraph

Useful Link: Badger Trust

Image Credit: Scottish Natural Heritage

By the way our rescued badger is well and making a good recovery so far, it is still too early to tell but fingers and toes crossed.

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Four Seasons In One Day

Four seasons in one day by Crowded House just played on our computer and reminded me how much I love that band, it also seemed like an appropriate post title for today as it has been a day of much activity and change.

The day started a little later than usual as we all had a very late night night and so slept in until 8.45am! As always our weekends start with Roxy pup coming into the room for a nuzzle!

Next I took the dogs up the hill fort for a walk and spotted a badger on the side of the road. I always stop to see if they are still alive and therefore need help and sure enough the poor thing was alive and breathing heavily in the now hot sunshine.

So I hastily walked the dogs to allow them their comfort break, shot back home, and returned armed with Mr Dancin, my gardening gloves and a blanket to find a women approaching the badger also armed with gardening gloves!

We got it into the back of the car and out of the sun and started calling around for a vet or wildlife group that could help and I am thrilled to say within half an hour we had the poor chap in the back of the local badger rescue groups car and on its way to the vets.

I have checked this afternoon and they are still unsure how it will turn out but they have been able to treat its dehydration and await its response before they take further action. Fingers crossed.

It was quite young and breathing well with no outward signs of injury so hopefully it was just stunned and will make a recovery. Either way we have done the best we could and at least it did not lie on the grass verge and die of shock and heat exhaustion.

After our early morning adventure of badger rescue we returned home for a relaxing hour in the garden and a nice breakfast. I then ventured upstairs to my new office to do some work and I am a little sorry to say it was four hours later that I emerged! But these things have to be done.

We then spent a lovely couple of hours in the garden talking about last nights party (Mr Dancin was unfortunately unable to attend) and chatting about the events of the day which included some new plants going into the garden which Mr Dancin put in while I was working.

Now tea is on and the World Cup final is looming!

It has been a very busy Sunday by my standards but a good day all round. Being busy is good. Tonight I also have to put my photos that are for sale on a memory stick for my friend who is currently designing me a new website. This time next year we will be millionaires! (As Del Boy would say!)

I told the badger chap I will check in with him again in a couple of days and he was happy for us to do that. I'll keep you posted on that one. It may not be good news but again we did what we could and just hope for the best.

For now here is the wonderful song that gave title to this post!

T-Bone did we busk this?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Song For Summer

This song is just perfect for a summers day. I found a version on You Tube with this pretty cool video someone made of their travels in New Zealand. Poor yourself a cold one and enjoy!

All Pigs Fed & Ready To Fly

I love that saying. A few years ago there was an advert with flying pigs in it and it was brilliant. In it is! You gotta love You Tube!

Pleas take a moment to watch the Pigs Flying Video, it is brilliant! I also really like this one, not so clever but it really makes me smile.

Anyway, I did not come here to post adverts! I came to report that all PC issues now seem to be fixed! I have my work laptop and can connect to my wireless connection upstairs which is great as I can set up some office space and have a quite place to go and work.

I have also got Skype set up on this and the home PC so I can make video calls to Mr Dancin when I am away for work for free! The laptop has a built in web cam which is very handy and we bought a web cam for the PC for £25.

And, when Mr Dancin is taking an afternoon nap, as he is now, I can come upstairs, grab my laptop and blog away!!!

I have a friend visiting from Greece at the moment and she is on Skype too so when she goes back to Greece next week we can keep in much better contact.

If you have not already I recommend checking Skype out. All calls and video calls to other Skype users are free anywhere in the world and calls to normal lines are very cheap. And having had a few video calls now I am hooked, seeing the other person makes it like being in the room with them. You can also share screens so you can play them a video showing on your screen or show them how you do some thing in an application. Marvellous!

Well I am off to watch the flying pigs video again and then to get ready for tonight. I am going to a friends 50th birthday party. Happy weekend all what ever you do!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Sky Watch Friday # 57 - Enter the Dragon

To join Sky Watch or see other participants click here.

First Born

Well it's been a long time coming but our passion flower, which suffered so much during the cold winter, has finally decided to open one of it's many, many buds, and here it is!

Actually there are two more flowers out today but I took this the day before yesterday. This flower has since closed up again! Hopefully it will re-appear at a later date!

But Tomorrow May Rain So, I'll Follow the Sun

Image Credit: NASA

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

PC Frown

I remembered last week while without my PC just how much I value it, although I also realised while BT were fixing our land line that it would be more accurate to say how much I missed the Internet. While our phone line was down for repairs I did not use my PC as everything I wanted to do was on line.

I do however have to keep reminding myself, while sorting our new email hosts and figuring out new software, to relax my brow and not frown!

I frown terribly when I am concentrating and I seem to have been concentrating a lot lately!

I am currently trying out Windows Live Mail which I have to say was amazingly easy to set up but I have not figured the syncing of email out yet and my previous emails from my web mail seem to be coming over intermittently and randomly! It's all a work in progress!

Also I have not had any new emails and I would have expected to receive some by now.

Ah well, in the grand scheme of things not so much to worry about! And I do have a wonderful afternoon planned today of shopping with my wonderful friend who is visiting from Greece and her two lovely children, one of who is my God Daughter.

Finally, it is good to be back blogging! I wish I could remember all of the posts I had planned. I did write some stuff down but most of it was just rolling through my brain as I was yomping through fields last week inspecting trees!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Where Have You Been?

What a few days it has been! I have written many mental posts but have not had the means to post any of them! Now there seems so much to catch up on! So for a good starter here is a collage of some of the things I have been up to! It's good to be back!


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