Saturday, July 30, 2016

Simple Pleasures

Its the simple things in life as they say, picking tomatoes from my garden, harvesting the rhubarb and eating it fresh for my tea, waking up early and heading downstairs for a blogging session before the village awakens. Ah the joys of a quiet Saturday morning with these thoughts in mind, my only company a cooing Wood Pigeon outside and a softly snoring pupster.

Keep good company.

Sky Watch Friday - Simply the Sun

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Wee Small Hours (Reprise)

Well here we are again, there's not much point posting about why I can't sleep, we all go through it at some point, but often I find heading for my blog is a good cure. It takes my mind of the 101 worries or jobs that seem to fill your hear when morpheus evades and usually after a hot drink and a few minutes distraction I can get back to sleep for the short time between now and the alarm clock.

We moved to a new house 6 months ago and there are two reception rooms, as such I can come through to what we call the music room and set up without disturbing the pupster. Our old house had one living room, open plan to the kitchen, where the pups would sleep and my midnight blogging sessions would result in much heavy sighing and staring from them as their rest was disturbed. 

I popped into the living room when I came down just now and Roxy pup lifted her head briefly to give me her usually sweet acknowledgement, but now she has lowered her head back to the couch and resumed snoring. 

Anyway I am going to pop over to my new blog for a while. I have created it to record my studies of history, most specifically medieval history, which is a passion of mine and somewhere I can go to anytime and for hours as a sweet distraction. But I leave you with this gem of a story.

One of the more cheery stories to hit the news here yesterday was a petition by English Heritage to make jousting an Olympic sport. How awesome would that be! I must confess my first thought was could I compete.

I know there are regular jousting tournaments held around the world and have seen jousting events at castles in the UK. The skill required is very impressive and it also fascinates me to attend an event akin to that of my heroes and villains from history.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sky Watch Friday - Black and Gold

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Friday, July 15, 2016


 My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the attack in France last night.
Image Credit: Eskipaper

Sky Watch Friday - Looking West

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy as a...

Yesterday morning it rained heavily and we all went for a long walk to enjoy it. Some of us enjoyed it a little more than others. This was not the only roll Roxy pup had on her walk but it was the only one I managed to capture on camera. When we got back I made the most of her soggy state and gave her a bath; she was then towelled off and hair dried (a necessary step to prevent her getting stiff) and after resembled the Pink Panther when he comes out of the tumble image I have long been searching for on the internet.

I got a letter from the Dogs Trust on Friday that said 'Life Begins at 14', and I thought Roxy was doing to fabulous job of demonstrating that yesterday on her walk.

So who was out there?

Well it seems like quite a few of you are still there and blogging! Hooray! However for some its been a very long time and some blogs have now become private. I have kept a few old favourites on my bloglist in the hope that bloggers may return, I have had gaps in blogging myself over the past 10 years, and now I am off in search of new blogs. What better way to start a relaxing Sunday morning.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Who's Out There

I have had a resurgence in blogging of late and have noticed that many old friends in the blogosphere have moved on, some remain, and I have encountered many new bloggers, or new to me anyway. As such I am going to spend the morning visiting blogs and updating my blog list. I have never been able to effectively summarise why I love blogging so much, and at times why I continue to do it, but not everything needs to be rationalised! Blogosphere here I come!

Image Credit: HD Wallpapers

Friday, July 08, 2016

Sultan the Pit Pony

Inspired by the findings of my last post I have been searching for sculpture closer to home and have discovered this chap, Sultan the Pit Pony located outside of Hengoed, created by Welsh Artist Mick Petts.

Image Credit Steve Brockett

Isn't he stunning! From the images I have found he is definitely something to be appreciated best from the air which I won't be able to do myself but I am still looking forward to visiting and getting a feel for this piece of work from the ground.

The Kelpies

I came across these amazing sculptures via a blog post by This I Do for Sky Watch Friday and had to share them. They are 30m high sculptures created by Andy Scott to acknowledge and horses that worked for many years on the adjacent canal and took 8 years to construct. I find them absolutely stunning. The name Kelpies relates to the mythological beast, a shape-changing aquatic spirit said to haunt rivers or streams usually in the shape of a horse, and possessing the strength of 100 horses. I do so love blogging, I always learn something and enjoy exploring and sharing our amazing planet. 

Image Credit BBC

Today I have learned what Kelpies are, who Andy Scott is (the most amazing sculptor) and added somewhere to my list of places to visit.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Pull of the Moor

This is where I spent my lunch break today, and I treated myself to a short walk along the path in both directions, thus completing a small section of the Pennine Way, a walk I hope to one day complete in full with Mr Dancin.


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