Thursday, January 08, 2015



These ladies are my three Aunties and Paternal Grandmother; Nell (or Helen), Maureen, Alma and Beryl. Today was Aunty Alma's funeral and I am very sorry to say they are all now gone; but together again.

New Year Pursuits

I am feeling really good about this year, I have lots plans in terms of what me and Mr Dancin' want to achieve and also want to up the out of work activities. The last two years have been muchly all work and no play, but because I have let it be that way. This year I am going to be a bit more organised.

Anyway, in the spirit of doing new things my sister and I are attending a Batik workshop in a couple of weeks and I have been looking into the process. I will re-post after the event however in the meantime here is an example of Batik work. I am going to start thinking about what images I would like to create. I don't expect to be able to produce something like this after just one day but its something to strive for.

Image Credit: Deviant Art


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