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My lovely man took me to see Ted at the cinema last night. I really wanted to see it and although its not a film that you have to see at the flicks i.e. amazing sci fi effects and stuff, it was great to sit in a room full of people and have a bloomin' good laugh!

Anyway, hopefully everyone going will be prepared for the humour, its Seth MacFarlane so you know the humour is going to can I put it...pushing boundaries.

As much as I love Family Guy there are some bits that don't make me laugh, some episodes I don't like (although not many!) and some jokes I think should not have been made but on the whole it's just so good and I have got used to the unorthodox style!

Well, that's Ted! There are just so many jokes I already want to go and see it again and will definitely be buying it as soon as its available, plus it has one of my favourite actors in, Giovanni Ribisi. (You may know him as Phoebe's brother from Friends, amoungst other things.)

He often plays …

The Wee Small Hours

When I can't sleep there is always something comforting about coming downstairs, getting a cup of tea and doing a little blogging while half the world sleeps! Tonight I am also joined by Buffy (Series 5).

I was going to put a series relevant picture here with this post but wouldn't you rather look at Angel!