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You Are Never Alone

This post is inspired by my recent issues in caring for two elderly dogs. I have two German Shepherd dogs who are 11 and 12, and in keeping with the breed they have had a variety of health issues over the years, of varying severity.
One of them has of late given us significant issues with eating and taking medications. My vets are resourceful and supportive however their guidance cannot be exhaustive and in desperation a few weeks ago I remembered to turn to the internet and make some more of my own enquiries. It may seem silly that it didn't occur to me to check there straight away but I am managing my life in a mild state of panic at the moment, trying to keep it together while desperately worried. And as we all know panic and logical thinking dont' go together.
As a result I have found extensive and imaginative solutions for getting tablets inside dogs, and more significantly have today found some invaluable advice for feeding a dog that doesn't want to eat.
As we all …

Comfort Food Ain't Cutting It (The Vegan Pledge 2015 - Day 1)

I have been having one of those spells lately where I don't fancy anything to eat. Each night I sit here trying to think of something that I want and that makes my mouth water to no avail. I have tried comfort food as a last resort and it is just not cutting it. 
The final insult was this afternoon when I treated myself to a bag of marshmallows, ate about 6 and now feel terrible; I am guessing from the sugar which is a substance that does not feature heavily in my diet.
So, time for a change, and to that end I have decided to take the Vegan 30 day challenge. Its basically a pledge to eat vegan for 30 days during which time you receive daily support from The Vegan Society and receive nutritional guidance and recipe ideas.
I have taken some inspiration from their available recipes, raided the cupboard, and am planning for this evening savoury rice made with wild and red carmargue rice mix (tasty and nutty), sweetcorn, mixed peppers and onions with 2 tablespoons of tamari for flavou…

The Running Man

This is at the back of The Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Taken from a distance. So much movement in this statue.

Sky Watch Friday


Mr Dancin' at The Ethiad

This weekend we went to see Manchester City play as a birthday treat for my Hubby. It was: City's last game of the season, Frank Lampard's last game in the UK and possibly James Milner's last game for City. The whole day was brilliant and the stadium is amazing. To top it all City won with goals from Frank and Sergio. Lastly I would like to pay tribute to the Southampton fans who were outstanding in their constant support of their team and helped create a wonderful atmosphere.

Sky Watch Friday


Whats the Plan?

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival....can't believe I have never heard of this before, where the hell have I been! I have booked a few days off work and will be attending this event for the weekend, followed by a three day jaunt round some castles I have been wanting to visit for ages. Berkeley and Maiden Castle are on the list. Might top it off with a day at the beach to reflect and practice with my newly purchased medieval swords!

'On the 11th & 12th of July thousands of re-enactors, entertainers and traders from all over Europe will gather in Tewkesbury for Europe's largest annual Medieval re-enactment. A fantastic and unique day out for all the family, with free admission.' LINK


Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and like can do it again tomorrow.

Mad Mad - Fury Road

As a huge fan of Mel Gibson in the first Mad Max Trilogy, and in particular Mad Max 2, I was not too impressed when I heard about the re-make until I heard they had cast Tom Hardy. Ok I am prepared to be honest here, he is a hotty, but he is also a top actor that I love watching. So, last night we treated ourselves to a night at the Flix to see the film and I am delighted to report WE LOVED IT! Its a little different but based on the same story and its a complete rush from start to finish. I would also like to report a great performance by the very beautiful Charlize Theron who takes a lead role along side Tom Hardy. I am not going to give anything away but if action is your bag get yourself to the cinema asap and see this film. I could go again tonight and not be bored!

Farewell to the Blues King

As I am sure you are all aware the great BB King died this week and although I was sad to hear the news, I cannot stay sad. He was a tremendous force in life, and lived it as he chose to (as far as I am aware) touring for almost his entire life and up to last year. I know that his energy has gone on to what ever comes next with the same gusto.

The You Tube clip is one of may favourite albums, BB King - Midnight Believer. Enjoy!



Sky Watch Friday 150514

See more Skies from around the world at : Sky Watch Friday

'What potent blood hath modest May' Ralph W. Emerson


Canterbury Cathedral

I have wanted to go to Canterbury Cathedral for years; not only is it an amazing structure, and significant in history for so many reasons not least of all the murder of Thomas Becket, but it is the final resting place of Prince Edward (The Black Prince) and King Henry IV (Henry of Bolingbroke).

Visiting their tombs was a very moving experience. There was no one else there for a few moments so I got take my time and really take in the atmosphere. I found myself wondering, if ghosts exist or their souls still linger there, whether they argue.

The Black Prince is Henry's Uncle, and Henry had The Black Prince's son murdered, well he starved him to death. The Black Prince was dead by this time however that's a pretty big act to forgive.

Henry is buried next to his wife Joan of Navarre; during my visit someone had left a single red rose on top of their tomb, clasped in Henry's stone hand.

Dream State

I have had a very odd day today all as a result of my dreams. My dreams have been very vivid for a few weeks now and not too pleasant either, all typically symptomatic of things playing on my mind, nothing too serious but enough to cause a few nightmares. However, last night I was taken back to some old feelings that were so real they have haunted me all day and I have not been able to shift the resultant mood. 
The dream has all but faded with only a couple of images clear in my mind but the feeling is so close still I could weep.
How amazing that dreams can have such a strong effect. I expect that tomorrow, following another nights sleep, this will all be a distant memory but in the here and now I could be consumed by the feeling the remnant dream memory still evokes.
On a more positive note this is the first blog post I have made for sometime, having recently been deliberating on whether to delete my blog or not, and it is so good to be back. I have also changed the look of my blog…

The Rose Garden


Warwick Knights




These ladies are my three Aunties and Paternal Grandmother; Nell (or Helen), Maureen, Alma and Beryl. Today was Aunty Alma's funeral and I am very sorry to say they are all now gone; but together again.

New Year Pursuits

I am feeling really good about this year, I have lots plans in terms of what me and Mr Dancin' want to achieve and also want to up the out of work activities. The last two years have been muchly all work and no play, but because I have let it be that way. This year I am going to be a bit more organised.

Anyway, in the spirit of doing new things my sister and I are attending a Batik workshop in a couple of weeks and I have been looking into the process. I will re-post after the event however in the meantime here is an example of Batik work. I am going to start thinking about what images I would like to create. I don't expect to be able to produce something like this after just one day but its something to strive for.

Image Credit: Deviant Art