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London 2012



I have been reading about Saxons recently having finished my trilogy of King Edwards!

I have books that lead on from King Edward III however as far as I can tell it all goes down hill after him so I have decided to stay in the world of warrior kings.

My first Saxon books have revealed that Saxon Kings did not last too long!

Some say that our lives and actions leave a foot print on the earth, and I do know some people who can go to old places, landscapes or buildings, and feel something is there, and not always something nice.

I have in the past envied this ability however now I am getting a more realistic feel for the nature of our past and invading people such as the Saxons (not to get started on the Romans or Angles) I am glad to be oblivious to it. There cannot be a square inch of this island that has not seen battle, blood and death. (Image Credit: Living History)

Oh for a time machine...and a cloak of invisibility....or maybe invincibility!

While I am having a history rant there…

Avebury Rocks...Even When Wet


Dream Home

We have lived in the same village for 8 years now and love it here. We rent a property but always keep our eye open for places to buy in the village. There is one cottage on the village perimeter that we covet!

It is an old property with extensive gardens and (thanks to aerial photography) we know it also has an outdoor swimming pool. We have never seen anyone go in or come out but we hear them playing classical music in the garden (I have always imagined they are playing it to their plants in the green house!) and they have dogs that bark as you walk past.

Well yesterday I noticed it has been put up for sale and I eagerly called the estate agent to get some more details. I knew they would be asking a reasonable sum for it but given that the cottage is fairly run down thought it may be in our price bracket.

The dream ends there then! Apparently the cottage is run down and basic (just up our street!) but they are selling the property with full planning consent to demolish the existing …

Avebury Rocks!