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Sky Watch Friday (a little late) - Almost My Coldest Day Ever!


Wigmore Castle

The highlight of my week occurred on Tuesday when I found myself in the region of Wigmore Castle in the Welsh Marches, once home to Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (1287 - 1330). I have wanted to go here since reading Ian Mortimers book about Roger, The Greatest Traitor. 
Roger was an amazing man, warrior, and leader of men however he is probably most remembered for his part in the forced abdication of Edward II and alleged involvement in the murder of the former King, a topic I won't debate here. 
To me however he was a true historical hero. Unfortunately in the end absolute power corrupted absolutely and I believe he lost sight of his initial goal, which for years was to preserve the interests of the Country, but I am proud to know his story and so happy to finally have visited his home. I had the place to myself for the duration of my visit and I found Wigmore to be powerful and peaceful.

Pups on Sunday


Cute and Cuddly!


Biting the Bullet!

Ooh, and one more job to finally start today, I have to sort out my 15,000 plus digital photos and label them! I can't find anything!

Its My Favourite Obsession

Yesterday I found Facebook pages for enthusiasts of King Edward III, Medieval History and Scottish History. I am in heaven! Mr Dancin is a history enthusiast so we talk about it a lot however his preference is for earlier periods and the Anglo Saxon Kings, plus he has yet to read a couple of books I have bought which have highlighted some historical revelations and until he reads them I can't discuss it as I don't want to ruin the surprise! So, having other like minded folk to rant about days of old with has made my weekend. I must however remember that there are chores to do, articles to write for the website, dogs to feed and a song to write!

I do as well, thanks to recent FB findings, have a couple of new history books to add to my shopping list and I would really like to buy them and delve between the pages!

I can't wait for our summer holiday this year. Our holiday activities focus on mountains, water, walking, history and reading and I foresee a serious reading sess…

What Are You Going to do Today?

Today I am going to write a folk song on my guitar. I am a big folk fan and have always written songs and poems. Its a personal hobby and not something I have ever planned to try and make a career out of!

Anyway I have had THIS
amazing folk song, sung by John Tams in my head all week and hope to come up with something as simple and captivating.

I will let you know how it goes! You may know John Tams as one of the Chosen Men from Sharpe, as seen here in an early episode. And if you are anything like me you will know which episode this is and what line is coming next!

Brookwood Military Cemetary


Weekend Pursuits!

Last weekend we had my wonderful nephew come and stay. We went out on the canoe and had a picnic lunch, spoiled ourselves with a Chinese takeaway for tea, and played play-station until bedtime! (Need for Speed II Underground!)

I have to say we have missed him sorely this week and wish he could come every weekend!

Anyway, this was his room. I managed to keep it this tidy for about a day after he left before we filled it with our rubbish again! At the moment it is currently housing a double bed and all of the rubbish that was under the bed, plus a huge pile of clean washing that needs ironing and putting away!

Where have all the Bloggers Gone?

I don't come here as often as I would like and I think one reason, one of many, is that blogging seems to have suffered in recent years. I don't know if its FB or Twitter or maybe just people going through phases or being busy, but it is a bit of a shame. 

I have long since stopped thinking about the merits of my blog and whether I should continue or not. It will always be here now and I will always come here to update my reading list, use my links to visit other bloggers and occasionally post about my passions and ponderings!

I do this for me and I like to share things here.

Having said that, if you stop by please say hello, the blogosphere feels very lonely without you all.