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Can You Take Your Eyes Off Him!

Sky Watch Friday # 42

I watched this storm coming in on a recent lunchtime dog walk, it reached us as we got back to the truck and the heavens opened, but before that we got in a good walk and a swim...well the pups did, I refrained!

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I have been using the search engine Bing, the new version of Windows Live Search. It is pretty good, although I sometimes use Google still, however the thing I like best is the amazing pictures they have on their home page daily. Check this out! Obviously I am taking no credit for this image but wanted to share it.


I am developing a website with the intent of selling some of my photographs and art projects and to that end have bought a web domain and begun building the website myself. There are so many good services and offers now that I think you can do a reasonably good job on your own and editing this blog has taught me a few things about codes and shortcuts.

The website has been a learning curve though; for a start getting to know the web designer software that comes with my package, I do not know if they all use the same terms but the terms within this one were new to me.

I have spent many hours so far trying to get it to look how I wanted, and be easy to read and accessible to all, and there have been some major cock ups along the way. I have a few times now changed an item or colour on the website by accident and cannot get it back how I had it.

My most recent efforts are no exception and I have now managed to delete the links from my first page and cannot find anyway to get them back. There…

Collage of my Day


Sky Watch Friday # 41

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No Introduction Needed

Hard Times

I cannot find a really good live version of this song but it is so brilliant and very apt at the moment, it's also by one of my favourite bands. Have a listen if you have a minute and if you are interested check out the live version beneath, not excellent quality but not bad and a good glimpse of Ian in his prime.

No Pain No Gain?

My leg muscles hurt even more today and I have been doing stretching exercises all day to free them up, trying to walk first thing this morning was...well frankly hilarious! It has been sometime since I have done a good workout so it is to be expected and as I am signed up for two classes a week it won't be long before they get used to the routine and start shaping up! In the meantime sitting down is a little problematic!

I have my second class tomorrow night, its aerobics rather than step. I am not very good at aerobics as it tends to be a bit dancy but I am willing and keen so will give it a bash!

They are a really nice bunch of ladies at the class and were very welcoming on Monday night, most of the same people attend on Thursdays as well.

Work was a little better today and I am feeling pretty prepared for my client progress meeting tomorrow. My fella on the other hand has been told there are changes a foot for him at work. Employees are being asked to consider early retirement, …

Gotta Dance!

Well That's Progress.

Step class was brilliant last night and as I have not done it for sometime I was pleased with how quickly I picked up some of the new routines. We never used to step over the step to change direction, or step off the end of the step.

I am still useless at the Cha Cha Cha bits. Basically anything that resembles dancing usually has me tripping over my own feet which is a shame as I love to dance! Well Dancin' Fool by name Dancin' Fool by nature.

My legs and stomach ache today which as always I am taking as a good sign. We did a lot of stretching at the end but at least I know I woke some muscles up.

Progress at work today and generally at the moment is not so good. I cannot seem to make headway although I am achieving a lot. A few years ago I had a job with a totally unrealistic workload and much stress, mostly in the form of abuse from the public actually and it nearly made me crazy. In fact I think I was a little crazy for a while. Its funny but if you speak to tree officers for…

Step Up and Boogie.

As regular visitors may know I have been threatening to get fit for some time now. Like many people I find it's so easy to plan but so hard to do, the alarm goes off and a run or a bike ride are as appealing as a bath in ice cubes!

Evening exercise regimes quickly fade away and all you can think about is how nice it would be to be able to afford a personal trainer...a cute one!

Some years ago I used to go to step class with my sister. There were several things that made this exercise regime so do-able, firstly good company. Going with someone, and lucky for me someone I really wanted to spend time with, helps a lot! It's is a lot more difficult to talk yourself out of something when someone else is relying on your support.

In addition step class is fun and therefore doesn't really seem like hard work, although if you really throw yourself into it it is a great workout. And finally you get to do it all to loud music which I find to be a fantastic motivator.

Well having just p…

The Daily Puppy

I just found a great new gadget to add to my sidebar, I am getting ready for a redecoration of my blog and have made a start by adding a new toy, I have not got the energy to start messing round with the layout and colour scheme today as it usually takes me hours to get things how I want them but this is a good start for now.

I give you, The Daily Puppy!

A few notches down on my left hand side bar is a gadget called the Daily Puppy, which generates a picture of a different puppy for you to see every time you visit. As a dog lover I can think of nothing nicer to look at every day then the face of a new puppy! I mean really it's a puppy, what's not to like!

I hope it brings as big a smile to your face as it does mine.

Calling All Sky Watchers

I have recently become a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, a world wide club of sky watchers! Anyway I wanted to draw your attention to them and recommend you pop over to their site and have a look. They have fabulous information and images as well as artistic submissions from their members and it just strikes me as something that every Sky Watch Friday participant would love!

While I was there today I came across this amazing image and story. Article Credit - News National Geographic via Cloud News.

Frog Bit


Sky Watch Friday # 40 - They Call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday's Just as Bad

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Some of my Favourite Musical Moments

Sky Watch Friday # 39

It's another moon shot from me this week, I just cannot resist taking shots of the moon and love to see the detail on its surface. To join Sky Watch or see other participants click here

Sharing the Joy!

Pups & Pats

My fella and I went camping in Wales for a few days at the weekend. We were staying on a friends land and as such had a field all to ourselves, much to the pups delight!

The weather was beautiful. We indulged in some nice walks, cooking on the camp fire, and a small bit of animal management keeping the sheep and cattle from coming through the gaps in the hedge from the next field!

I am truly delighted to say Roxy is much better. In fact she seems her old self although the vet has cautioned us to keep her on restricted food and go steady in case the complaint should flare up again but so far all seems well.

On the hottest day we headed for woodland with plenty of streams and a lake to keep the pups cool. Roxy is a water baby and loves to swim, Buddy on the other hand is a little more cautious and prefers to dunk at the waters edge and await her return!

It was a great break and timed well to get us away from the media madness following the death of Michael Jackson. We are both very sad abo…