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Happy Halloween!

Well it's Halloween and it has been suprisinglhy quiet so far this weekend. We are usually assured three nights of little ghosts and goblins tapping at the door!

The year I carved this pumpkin we lived in a house with a small gated front garden and I was able to light the candle in the pumpkin and put it outside the door to the side, kind of an advert 'Trick or Treaters Welcome Here!'. I thought it looked really good.

I love going to the local shop and buying masses of sweets. Its fun to check out what new sweets there are and Mr Dancin and I eat some too! The surplus, as there always is, go to work and are demolished within minutes. Every ones a kid at heart I guess!

Unfortunately it is not so easy to be hospitable in this house. We have a front garden but it is open to the passing footpath and I would not like to leave a lit pumpkin outside. At the old house I could hear the gate open if someone arrived but here I would worry. Also it is very hard to answer our front d…

What Was It We Were Thinking Of?

Extreme Camping

Image Credit: Bing

Make 'em Laugh!

We watched this over the weekend, I love this song, what an amazing performance! Especially the last 30 seconds!

Enter The Dragon

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my friend, and Mr Dancin's sister, Sensory Dragon to the world of Blogging over at Brambles, Rambles & Shambles; a blog predominantly dedicated to the development of her garden, which is a restoration project in progress.

If you have an interest in gardening and home produce I recommend you keep an eye on this blog.

I am looking forward to being able to see the developments in the garden in between our visits to Cornwall, which tend to be less frequent than we would like given the distance between us.

Welcome to the Blogosphere Sensory Dragon! Happy Blogging! (Image Credit: Clipart N Graphics Haven)

Lift My Spirits

I have spent much of this morning signing online petitions and posting banners to show my support for the many endangered species on our planet and it has all made me a little blue. I won't ever stop making the effort but I can't help but fear that we are stuck in a trend that will not change and we may actually see the extinction of tigers, whales and many other amazing creatures within our lifetimes.

I have always wanted to change the world and felt that there is something I am meant to do, some bigger contribution I am meant to make. I have dedided that I am going to take more of a more active role in supporting the organisations that I care for the most, Greenpeace, all animal welfare charities, charities caring for children and supporting the elderley and environmental organisations.

Up until now my support has been limited to financial contributions, signing petitions and letters and spreading the word via email or my blogs but I want to do more.

The decision to dedicate…

Blog Action Day

Well its here! Blog Action Day 2010, topic WATER!

I have chosen the oceans as the subject for my post and have been reading some hints about how to help and learn more about them over at Save the Sea. I do not claim to know all the ins and out of the oceans and just why they are so important, although I am taking steps to learn, however I do know that they are important.

Our planet exists as a whole, every part of it integral to the next, therefore any impact we have on the planet for example deforestation, or air and water pollution, on any scale eventually has an impact. Its Gaia. (Gaia Theory - the Earths physical and biological processes are inextricably bound to form a self-regulating system. Text Credit: The Gaia Theory)

We may not be aware of the implications where we live, they may not as far as we are aware effect us in any way, but someone somewhere will be effected, maybe significantly, maybe even to the extent of loosing their lives, and sooner or later we may go too far a…

Porcupine Tree - Track of The Day

Imagine Peace Tower

Image Credit: Visit Reykjavik

Created for John Lennon by Yoko Ono Lennon see the tower being lit tonight HERE

Happy Birthday John Lennon

I have been visiting over with Scottish Nature Boy and have learned that it would have been John Lennons 70th birthday today. In tribute Scotty has posted the most amazing You Tube clip of a Ukulele tribute to the Beatles and John Lennon which I very strongly recommend you go and check out HERE.

The first thing that struck me as I listened to it was just how many amazing songs they/ he wrote, how can there be that many beautiful melodies and harmonies in the world? The second thing was just how simple but effective the songs are, when you see the chords being played. I am not saying they are easy songs to play or write, it is their very simplicity that is their genius.

So, do yourself a favour and pop over for a listen. It will be a few minutes very well spent.

Porcupine Tree - Track of The Day

In my ongoing quest to spread the news to the world that Porcupine Tree are the best band ever, apart from Little Feat that is who really are the best band ever in the world and have had the title a lot longer, I have decided to post a PT (Porcupine Tree) song every day up until the gig next Thursday.

This morning I have chosen something a little more mellow than Arriving, which although begins gently does progress into full on rock, the previously unreleased song Meantime - now featuring on the album In Absentia.

I must apologies in advance for the image accompanying this song, there is no video for it on You Tube and only this still of the album cover which I hate and find disturbing. I suggest you listen to the song, which is beautiful, and turn off the monitor or look elsewhere!

Umm, well maybe just one more, this is the brilliant Trains

Like Being a Teenager!

I slept in for ages this morning, like I haven't done for years! I remember as a teenager I could sleep in until mid day quite easily sometimes, well this morning I almost managed it again.

We were up until 2.30am, and I did get up at 8.00am and let the dogs into the garden, but even so!

Mr Dancin got up sometime before me but I have no recollection of that and slept through until he appeared with a cup of tea at 11.30am!!!!

As a result, seeming that I am no longer a teenager, I have a bad back from too much lying down and could do with a good stretch on a rack!!!!

I did have some great dreams though!

Well that has put pay to my plan for a busy Saturday morning! (Image Credit: Polyvore)

Just a final note, to any of my friends or family that have children and may read this, sorry but if it makes you feel any better it really was not worth it, my back really does hurt and I have missed a lot of the day!!!

6 Days and Counting!

Last winter we purchased tickets to see Porcupine Tree at the Albert Hall for this autumn, it will be the fifth time we have seen them. I am delighted to say the long awaited event is drawing near and there are only 6 days to go now!

We have been checking out song lists from recent gigs as this is to be an extended performance and we are pretty sure they are going to play Arriving Somewhere which is a favourite of ours we have never seen them do live! I don't want to get too excited in case they don't do it, and I have seen them play most of my other favourites, but it would be so amazing!

Anyway here it is! It's long, but that's Prog Rock for you!!!

At The Summit!

I did not post any pictures of me in my recent holiday postings but wanted to put this one up, taken by Mr Dancin, at the summit of Ben Hiant. We usually go for a group shot at the top of mountains but it was just too plain windy! I do actually need to hold on with two hands and my left leg is wedged against the trig point to stop the gusts from blowing me over. It was the kind of wind that is so strong you just have to laugh, but not for too long as its so cold it makes your teeth ache!
This was a most lovely and memorable walk!

Networking II

Huge thanks to those of you who have taken part in the recent meme or left me a comment, answers posted so far have been a hoot! If you fancy a laugh and want to take part the original post with instructions is HERE.

Posts up so far are from BowledoverClaire and T-Bone. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun reading your brilliant answers!



Am I Allowed To Mention Christmas Yet?

We have recently returned from our summer holiday into instant Autumn but I have found that I don't really mind that much.

We have had such a lovely long summer, and a great holiday, that I am actually ready for the change in the season and am even starting to get excited about Christmas!

I do not talk about it too much at home as Mr Dancin does not like to get into things until mid December but as for myself I am enjoying planning gifts and even the preparations in the shops are not bothering me too much.

I do think that we get into it a little too early in the UK but I am happy to be taking small steps to the festive season!

However between then and now there's lots of other stuff to keep me busy. We are going to see Porcupine Tree in a couple of weeks, and then Nick Harper in November. Yeah!


I have been thinking about Blogging today. I have been on Blogger since 2006 now and think I can honestly say I am here to stay. Over the years I have had times where I did not want to Blog, times when I wondered why I Blogged, and times when I could not keep away from my Blog and it became my most treasured activity of the day.
I have shared thoughts and experiences with other Bloggers, learnt many things from people all over the world, and made a very good friend or two.
I have found new Bloggers through: Blogging groups such as Camera Critters, Sky Watch Friday and Thursday Thirteen, have followed links on other Bloggers Link Lists when an identity or Blog name caught my attention and have found other Bloggers while reading comments on other peoples pages, especially now everyone uses identity pictures. Its a bit like buying an album because you like the cover! Thankfully following cool identity pictures has turned out to be more beneficial than buying albums because I liked the cove…

Hot Damn!

Have you checked out the video on my previous post yet? Ok not to blow my own trumpet, after all the song is not mine - just one I wish I had written, but really seeing that much water, and knowing how hard it is for some people to get a drop, how can you not support this!

It is raining cats and dogs here as I speak. While I post people are dying of drought.

Please support this Blog Action Day!

Blog Action Day 15th October 2010

Well Blog Action Day is almost here again and this years topic is Water. I am starting to research my post and have chosen my particular topic which is going to be the oceans. The Blog Action Day website has lots or interesting information including suggestions for posts, banners to put on your blog, a registration page so that you can register your blog for participation, information on fund-raising, and a petition which indicates your support of the UN's efforts to improve water and sanitation for billions of people around the world. You can also sign the petition by clicking on the banner at the top left of my blog and it only takes a few seconds to complete.

I usually post the Blog Action Day You Tube clip to help promote the day here but frankly this years clip has some annoying music as an accompaniment (sorry guys but it really does) and so instead I thought I would post this, a splendid song written and performed by the folk musician Benji Kirkpatrick. The song is called W…