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There's Only One Team In Manchester


Turned Out Nice

Well after the last dog walk I returned home and decided to give the rest of the day over to blogging! A worthwhile pursuit I think! I have created a weekly event called In Bloom over at The Green Man which I hope bloggers will participate in. My intent is to provide a collection of weekly shots from around the globe showing what people are growing and what is growing where they live.
For some time I took part in Sky Watch Friday, a similar weekly event, and it was brilliant to see the skies around the world, I hope the same will be true for all things that grow!
If you want to take part the first post is up and the link list will remain open for the next week and a half while I try and get the word around, just visit The Green Man Here.

The Big Sleep

I had the biggest sleep in this morning! I am happy to say that I am gainfully employed again and although it is not my usual job it is a job, it's local and I do shifts and so have time at home in the day even when I am working.

I am however still getting used to the new routine and have for the past 6 weeks been constantly tired!!!!! Sorry actually I mean TIRED!!!!!!

I am getting a little fed up of it actually and hope that my body soon acclimatises, it is intefereing with all of the other things I want to do and my family, friends and out of work activities have all suffered.

Anyway, I have a day off today and having slept in until 10.30am!!! (I am almost too embaressed to put the actual time!) I should be caught up on all required sleep. So after spending a bit of time blogging, which is a pleasure I have not had for a few weeks, I will still have half a day to play with.

As usual there is an abundance of activities I could choose to do which range from continueing the spring …