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Seasons Change


Holiday Snaps

We had a fabulous holiday in Wales again this year. I was reading a historical novel while we were away which had some Welsh history in it which really brought the countryside alive for me and made the trip we made to Caernarfon Castle much more meaningful too. Here is a selection of our snaps taken at the tent, the castle and on the many beautiful walks we did.

Its nice to know what that amazing place name means! I still cannot say it in Welsh but Mr Dancin can!

The mid point of a great walk on Anglesey and a chance for the dogs to have a swim!

A huge Crab Apple on the way to Aber Falls.

Aber Falls.

A farmer with a sense of humour!

Storm front moves in!

The beautiful Snowdon seen from a third of the way up Moel Hebog.

The view from Moel Hebog summit.

Beddgelert Woods.

Fun back at base.

Taking a moment.

Campfires in the evening.

Aberglaslyn Pass.

Taking a dip.

Views from Aberglaslyn Pass.

Views from Aberglaslyn Pass.

Views from Aberglaslyn Pass.

River Glaslyn.

Caernarfon Castle.


Jelly Complete

I got this made before we went on holiday although I did not have time to put the picture up. 6 jars and one tub in total. Not bad for my first attempt! (Friends and family be warned, I will be bringing some with me on any visits planned soon.)