Saturday, September 05, 2015

Comfort Food Ain't Cutting It (The Vegan Pledge 2015 - Day 1)

I have been having one of those spells lately where I don't fancy anything to eat. Each night I sit here trying to think of something that I want and that makes my mouth water to no avail. I have tried comfort food as a last resort and it is just not cutting it. 

The final insult was this afternoon when I treated myself to a bag of marshmallows, ate about 6 and now feel terrible; I am guessing from the sugar which is a substance that does not feature heavily in my diet.

So, time for a change, and to that end I have decided to take the Vegan 30 day challenge. Its basically a pledge to eat vegan for 30 days during which time you receive daily support from The Vegan Society and receive nutritional guidance and recipe ideas.

I have taken some inspiration from their available recipes, raided the cupboard, and am planning for this evening savoury rice made with wild and red carmargue rice mix (tasty and nutty), sweetcorn, mixed peppers and onions with 2 tablespoons of tamari for flavour....and probably some pepper as I use white or black pepper in almost everything. I am frying the onions and peppers in organic coconut oil with a bit of fresh garlic.

I am also drinking water with a fresh lemon squeezed in it in an attempt to purge myself of the sugar from the marshmallows which had made me feel very dehydrated.

Lastly I have put a 10 bean mix onto soak to cook tomorrow and plan to use it for bean chilli. I have some soya mince if needed and will no doubt have some rice left over from today to go with it.


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