Sunday, November 01, 2015

You Are Never Alone

This post is inspired by my recent issues in caring for two elderly dogs. I have two German Shepherd dogs who are 11 and 12, and in keeping with the breed they have had a variety of health issues over the years, of varying severity.

One of them has of late given us significant issues with eating and taking medications. My vets are resourceful and supportive however their guidance cannot be exhaustive and in desperation a few weeks ago I remembered to turn to the internet and make some more of my own enquiries. It may seem silly that it didn't occur to me to check there straight away but I am managing my life in a mild state of panic at the moment, trying to keep it together while desperately worried. And as we all know panic and logical thinking dont' go together.

As a result I have found extensive and imaginative solutions for getting tablets inside dogs, and more significantly have today found some invaluable advice for feeding a dog that doesn't want to eat.

As we all know when we feel ill or nauseous its very hard to eat, and the less we eat the less we want to eat. 

DogKnobit has helped me with brilliant ideas for feeding techniques and food types and I am absolutely delighted to report that our pup has finally kept some food down and seems instantly better for it.

I have been feeding him with a syringe on sugar water solution since last night but now he has had some yogurt as well and we are going to stick with that though today and then try some baby food and chicken broth later.

I didn't sleep a lot last night and spent the waking hours imagining the possible outcomes of another day where he wouldn't eat and am eternally grateful to DogKnobit's comments relating to this that no animal will willingly starve itself, as such it is not acceptable for an animal to be allowed to die simply because it wont eat. There are so many avenues to explore and although we continue to investigate the underlying cause I have taken so much comfort in the fact that I can get food inside him and hopefully work towards a full recovery.

The Internet has made the world a very small place and although misused on occasions it does allow people from all over the world to reach out, share ideas and experience, and offer support.

Thank you all GSD owners, and pet lovers, that have taken the time to share their experience and solutions on the Internet, I am eternally in your debt.


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