Friday, March 27, 2009

A Favourite Song and Sky Watch Compilation


I have had this song on in my truck for a few days, which reminds me, I have a cool snap of my truck to post. Anyway, This is a collection of my Sky Watch shots to a great tune.

Sky Watch Friday # 35 - Dawn Over Dozmary Pool

I have been without my internet connection for a couple of weeks which has been very frustrating, how ever did I use to manage without the internet?! I have so much to catch up on and so many posts composed in my head to realise! Anyway I am going to start with a Sky Watch, my favourite part of the blogging week!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Following on from my last post regarding the books that Stephenie Meyer has written about Vampires, the first of which was a Christmas gift to me this year, I have discovered that there are three more!

I devoured the first book finding myself almost obsessed with the hero of the story and while on holiday last week managed to procure the remaining three! I had thought it was a trilogy however found the third, in hardback, hiding in a stack of books yet to be displayed, and hastily made my way to the till with it!

I have now read the first three, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the last of which I finished at 12.45am this morning. It had one of those last thirds that grips you all the way and had to be finished before I gave in to sleep.

The fourth and final book, Breaking Dawn, is sitting beside my bed waiting for me. I am holding off a little. I have read through them so quickly I am not in a hurry now for it to be over.

I am not going to review them here as I do not want to give too much away. I am no book reviewer and know I would say too much! But...if your interest is piqued then I highly recommend them. They have been a gripping but easy escape and I am ever grateful to my sister, and nephew, for their thoughtful gift that has provided me with a series of books I will always remember.

Buddy at the Cheesewring


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