Friday, November 27, 2009

The Weekend Starts Here!

Blimey its been ages! I have not blogged for over a month despite starting several posts in my head over the weeks. None of them ever made it onto my PC. I am however grabbing a bit of time back tonight!

Its been busy our end for a while, mostly with great stuff like family visits. We are showing off our recently completed spare room! There has also been a gig (Porcupine Tree)lots of work, more website stuff (it's getting there!) and it's winter and somehow the days seem much shorter!

For now though its Friday! The weekend has arrived! The dogs are fed and watered and my fella is on route home. Perfect.

I did think about posting this following song for ages and I don't think it is officially autumn anymore but here it is anyway. Enjoy.

Sky Watch Friday # 51 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I have found rainbows to be very difficult to photograph, but thanks to my Mum pointing out this double rainbow during a recent visit, I got a chance to capture one of them while it was still quite vivid.

I've missed Sky Watch Friday, but I have been sky watching. Happy Weekend All!

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