Saturday, June 30, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go

I am toying with the idea of leaving Facebook, for several reasons, however there is one reason I am considering staying for and that is that it's a really good way to find stuff out!

There have been several times where through Facebook I have found out that a friend or member of my family has had something significant happen; ok so I may have found out about it eventually anyway but it has meant that I have been able to respond with a message or phone call at the time when it mattered most.

I had made up my mind to leave when my sister told me of the above reason for staying and it made me consider it for myself.

So, should I stay or should I go?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make My Day!

Ok, now I have got the performing highlights out of the way its time for my favourite bit about the IOW Festival, apart from the wonderful company at my camp!

Sunday lunchtime, there I was, quietly making my way down towards the main stage to see Joan Armatrading play, when drifting through the air came the sound of an acoustic guitar. I instantly recognised it and thought to myself 'My, that sounds like Nick Harper!' and lo, it was!!!

Anyway, I went to say hello, had a lovely chat, and he offered to play a song for me. So I stood there, with my friend Jane, in our audience of two, and listened to him play Karmageddon, just for me!

It made my day it did! Thanks Nick!

Nick was there promoting two charities he supports (one of which is the Love Hope Strength Foundation) and the Avebury Rocks festival happening the weekend after next (7th July) where he is playing along with The Levellers! I am currently trying to talk Mr Dancin' into going! For anyone who's interested the festival details are HERE, and if you have never seen Nick Harper play, do yourself a favour and go see him!

You can find Nick HERE.

...I feel I should add, Mr Dancin does not really need to be talked into going, he loves Nick, but there are some prior considerations! 

For Mr Fields

While away at the weekend I found out that a good friend of mine has been sent to prison. We have not been in touch for some years now however this person holds a special place in my heart and the news has been very shocking. I am posting this song for him as he sang it once at a band rehearsal we were having and it always makes me think of him. This is for you Mr Fields.

IOW Highlights - Festival Sounds

This song is being used for a beer advert at the moment and it got played loads at the festival, I played air guitar every time! What a tune!

IOW Highlights - Pearl Jam

IOW Highlights - Joan Armatrading

IOW Highlights - Noel Gallagher

IOW Highlights - Madness

IOW Highlights - Bruce Springsteen

IOW Highlights - Tom Petty

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's a Ghost in my House

I am having a really weird time at the moment with temporarily missing items in my house. I know everyone has suffered from it at some point. I put things down, they vanish, cannot be found anywhere and then turn up in a really obvious place!

It must be noted things are a little hectic at the moment due to end of term and end of year at work and therefore I am distracted and as usual trying to do too many things at once, never the less either I am loosing the plot or someone/ thing is playing tricks on me!

I seem to have permanently lost a folder with lots of work in, my work I hasten to add, and this morning my blank test papers have vanished, although I had them last Wednesday and they have not left the house.

Anyway, tricksters aside I had the most amazing time at the Isle of Wight festival and am looking forward to blogging about it later. This week is all about getting the 2nd years through so they can graduate next week, some of them have really pushed it with late submissions and I have the last of their marking to do this afternoon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Oh my god roll on summer!!!!!!! Sorry quick outburst needed (I know its a re-occurring theme for me at the moment!).

It happens towards the end of every term, and end of year is worse.

Any parents reading this spare a thought for your childrens teachers; teaching is both the best and the worst job in the world! Image Credit: 1000 Awesome Things

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Mr Dancin' and I have been sitting here and discussing who we would want to be stuck in a life boat with. It followed a conversation about Alan Green and his persistent wingeing about the England football team's performance last night where we decided that if he was in your life boat he would be the first one you would chuck out!

Anyway, so far we have Ray Mears (Mr Outdoor Survival) Rick Stein (Seafood Chef Extraordinaire) and for morale Michael MacIntyre, that's a man who can always make me laugh and always seems to be smiling!

Anyway, I am throwing this out there to any passing bloggers: life boat, you, and as many people as you can fit into your fictitious craft, who are you going for?

Image Credit: Scott Allen

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I sit here bloated but content having consumed home made apple and rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding today.

I have even been and done an hour and a half of house chores and I still feel full! Stodgy pudding!

I am going to have to look out for some different recipes for my rhubarb! Wine maybe?


Mamma Cloud, Image Credit: Derrich

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Euro 2012! (Come on England!)

Euro 2012 is here! Check out the latest HERE, HERE and HERE.

I am working on Monday night when England play their first game.....damn it! However its not just about England, I love international competitions and we are already in the spirit after watching the two opening games yesterday: Greece vs Poland (1-1) both teams finishing with 10 men, and Russia vs Czech Republic (4-1).

The final link I have provided above goes straight to a view of the groups and tables.

Ely Cathedral

I visited Ely Cathedral with my sister last week. Another of our amazing feats of engineering that leaves you asking 'How did they do that!'. Apparently it costs £3,000.00 a day to keep the cathedral open.

At It Again!

Yep! I have been at it again and In The Pink has changed its look! I would be really grateful if any readers of this post could let me know what they think of the look and usability. Thank you!

In Bed with M'laptop

I don't know how many people remember 'In Bed with Madonna'? That was the phrase that inspired my post title this morning, well that and Ali G! I am actually in bed with my laptop, my Kindle and a huge mug of tea; do Saturday mornings get any better!!!

I have taken to viewing the Kindle store front on Saturday mornings so I can check out what they recommend for me and also see look to see if George R R Martin or Robyn Young have released their new books that I am anxiously waiting for!

Last year I read the first in a trilogy about Robert the Bruce by Robyn Young. I am not sure when the second book is due out and I have tried many other authors in my frustration to finish the story but have not found anything I really liked. I did find a biography by Caroline Bingham but I did not get on with her style of writing and also found it to be a little biased in comparison with the historical authors I have read of late such as Marc Morris and Ian Mortimer.

I know that a huge amount of work went into completing the book by Caroline Bingham, and she sadly died not long after it was published, however it is not the book for me and so my quest continues. There are a few historical novels out at the moment about the Bruces however I have started one such trilogy with Robyn Young and will stick with long as she hurries up and publishes the next book!

As for George Martin...I read the first 5 books of A Song of Ice and Fire last year and am now awaiting the next release, again with no hint of a publishing date, although given the length of time these books have been in the making it could be years!

I have managed to avoid any clips of Game of Thrones (the televised series of A Song of Ice and Fire) as I am keen to retain my brains character imagery although I am dying to know how they have represented The Wall in the TV series. Anyone out there watching it?

I do feel at this point I should say a thank you to Sensory Dragon for recommending Game of Thrones originally. When we were first told about it the DVD Box set was not available and chancing upon the books we decided to read them instead of waiting for the DVD. Although I am told they have done the books proud I always prefer the book to the TV version of any story.

At the moment I am reading a book about Edward III (Edward of Windsor) and a story by Arthur Conan Doyle called Micah Clarke set during the Monmouth Rebellion. I have found that since having a Kindle I have several books on the go but tend to focus mainly on one or two. Since  reading about Robert the Bruce last year I have been investigating Kings of England and am currently with Edward III as pictured here.

Anyway, I am going to have to get this day started. My lovely man has taken the dogs out for a walk this morning thus allowing me to stay in bed. But before I go I want to record this quote that I came across via the Folio Society. It does not encompass all the joys and benefits of reading for me but never the less it is very true.

‘Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are’ - Mason Cooley


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