Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Evening with Dave Gahan

Ha I wish! I did however spend an amazing evening with my even more amazing husband watching Depeche Mode, one of my favourite childhood bands, at the O2 in London.

I have never seen them before (bit shameful really) and Mr Dancin is not a huge fan so its not something I have pushed since we have been together, there are after all plenty of bands we do both like that we want to go and see; but when they announced their current tour Mr Dancin said I should get tickets....about 60 seconds later they were booked and I was counting down the days.

I have not been inside the main O2 Arena before and I liked it, we had good seats but everyone stood up anyway (thank goodness!) and the sound was pretty good. The highlight for me though was seeing wonderful Dave Gahan dancing around, being himself, looking happy and still managing to look damn sexy...even with his shirt off (oh yes!).

They could have played any of their songs as far as I was concerned and they played a good mixture I thought including one of my favourites, Enjoy the Silence from Violator, and they really looked like they enjoyed it.

Image Credit: Electronic Beats

Thursday, November 14, 2013

That Was The Year That Was

I am not sure where to start, or what to record here, but its been too long and I wanted to blog. I like putting posts out there but I also use this as a diary of not too sensitive information that reminds me about all the things that happen in my life.

Its been an odd year. I have had the most fantastic first year of marriage to Mr Dancin' and I couldn't be happier but there has also been a lot of other stuff; some that has affected me deeply and some that has left its mark but relates to terrible things happening to my friends and their families.

Last year I commented to Mr Dancin' on the lack of life's curve balls but as we all know life is not easy, and the next curve ball is always just round the corner. That's what makes the good times so precious and reminds me to make the most of all of the amazing people I have in my life. There will always be curve balls, they cannot be dodged.

So I think I will leave it there for now. Its good to be back.


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