Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The New Year

It has become clear to me over the last 9 weeks that I will now have little time for anything other than looking after my wonderful brand new baby daughter Scarlett, and in all honesty I wouldn't have it any other way; motherhood is an absolute joy.

However I would be loathed to see my blog fall by the wayside and as such I will endeavour to keep it going and dare I say even get back to previous commitments such as Creative Tuesdays and Sky Watch Friday. At the very least I can still grab the odd snap while out walking with Scarlett, as I have done here on a recent trip to the aqueduct.

So for now I leave you with these two shots, a lovely part of the canal and a rare moment when I had the aqueduct all to myself.


  1. Nice to see you! Enjoy ALL of your life!

    1. Hi Cloudia, thank you so much for your comment and good advice :0) hope you are well and having a great day.

  2. Motherhood ... is so enjoyable.
    I can also testify that Grandma-hood ... is so enjoyable too.

    So lovely to read your post, take care of yourself and Scarlett

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, she is my treasure, happy days, all the best to you and yours x


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