Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slightly at a loss

Mr Dancin and I are on the first day of a weeks staycation and we have lots planned for the week ahead including trips to the mountains, the coast, two castles, the garden centre to buy a tree and several local walks. Day 1 has started really well but slightly unusually. 

My little one has been sleeping for short naps in the day for a while now typically between 30-40 minutes however has this morning decided on a two hour plus snooze and I am slightly at a loss. I have showered, had breakfast, re-erected the greenhouse following the gales and repotted the disturbed plants, had a coffee, discussed the weeks weather relevant to our proposed destinations with my husband and am now missing my little girl and feeling redundant, something I am not used to at this time of day! But it is obviously needed so we will leave her to sleep on and I am making the most of the time by blogging!

Happy weekend all, I look forward to sharing snaps of the week ahead in due course.


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