Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15th October Blog Action Day 2009 - It's Here!

I run several blogs and have put up a different post for this day on each of them. I wanted to try and reach a balance between being informative and providing a means of taking action.

Climate change can affect us in so many ways. It's not all about the global catastrophe that may occur tomorrow or in 500 years as depicted in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, there are very real and small changes occurring all the time, the impact of which may not be realised until it is too late, or until the impacts of multiple events take us too far.

The Environment is effected by our current way of life. I am not qualified to state whether the changes to our planet would occur regardless of our presence however I think is it true to say that our actions are acting as a catalyst.

The smaller changes we can measure year by year have a very real affect on people around the globe. Food sources are affected, economical resources are over stretched, and diseases are mutating and becoming more significant to all living things on our planet.

So here and now I would like to recommend a small and quick way to help.

I know so many people who are passionate about climate change and willing to do their bit, however we all have demanding lives, responsibilities to family and friends, and frankly time is short.

What I am suggesting is that you take a small amount of time out of this day to visit this site and then click the large button that says...

The tabs along the top of the page that say: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, Animal Rescue all have the same one click button so try and visit them all and click your mouse!

Then make a commitment to them to click your mouse; just one click every day, week, month or even year, and it will make a difference.

The site is run by The Greater Good Network. Their sponsors pay them for each click they receive in exchange for advertising space and the results of just clicking the buttons are astounding.

The pie charts below show the resources generated from clicking verses purchases via the site in the first 6 months of this year alone:

The Hunger Site has generated 30.1 million cups of food from clicking alone!

The Breast Cancer Site has provided 1,376 free mammograms from clicking alone!

The Child Health Site has 374,121 children from clicking alone!

The Literacy Site has donated 215,162 books from clicking alone!

The Rainforest Site has protected 248.9 million square feet of Rainforest from clicking alone!

And the Animal Rescue Site has generated 37.4 million bowls of food from clicking alone!

Making this small commitment and clicking your mouse can make such a huge difference.

If you do wish to do more you can add one click badges to your blog or website, sign petitions which regularly appear on the website or even make a purchase, but I hope that everyone who reads this post will commit to making that one click every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to visit my other blogs and Blog Action Day Posts at Evolved and The Green Man. Happy Blog Action Day 2009 to you all.

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(Pie Chart Image and Information Credit: The Greater Good Charity Site)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Porcupine Tree

I went to see PT last Friday, they were awesome! They played the first disc of The Incident as the first half. It is an amazing album, I feel as if I have know it for years, it is a thing of beauty and I cannot get enough. Here's a bit of it!!

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Heavy Cloud, No Rain

I have had this song in my head for days. I am desperate for rain and we have not had any significant rain for over 6 weeks now.

I have newly planted trees drooping all over and my clients do not want to pay to water them. It is a costly affair but so very vital.

Drought stress can cause irreversible damage to a trees ability to photosynthesise, to feed itself.

This is one of my favourite albums ever. I love the whole album without exception and think it to be Sting's best.

If you are not familiar with it I strongly recommend you give it a listen.

Image Credit: Albumy Rock & Metal

Sunday is...

For me Sunday is the best day of the weekend. I am used to a more relaxed routine, the chores for the weekend have been taken care of on Saturday and there is little left to do other than the things I want to do.

We have leisurely walks with the dogs, walks around the garden with sporadic bouts of weeding, I get to visit blogs I treasure and post some things myself, and in the afternoon I cook.

I really like the kitchen in my house. It is reasonably big and the afternoon sun streams in through the window.

I like to cook something special for a Sunday lunch and am usually joined by the dogs. By the afternoon they have had enough exercise to warrant an afternoon kip but they like to be around the nice smells and close enough to see if it is going to be roast chicken, a meal from which they always benefit!

I think that it is also reminiscent for me of childhood weekends, the smells and routine reminding me of my family. My Mum is a wonderful cook and the house at the weekend in particular was filled with the smells of delicious home cooking, and the sounds of my Dad relaxing in the living room with Grandstand on. (British Sports Show.)

As a family we would all relax and wring out the last drops of the weekend together.

This afternoon I have cooked Cottage Pie and Quorn equivalent for me. Shepherds Pie and Cottage Pie are two of my fellas favourites. The dogs do not do so well out of this meal but the weekend is a spoil time for us all and there is always a treat for them.

Camera Critters 7 # Lapwing

I visited the local reservoir again yesterday to enjoy the strong winds we had by the waters edge, and to see how many birds were there still. There were not many! However these little chaps seem to be there all year round.

They are so graceful in flight and remind me of bats. They are however shy and I had to try and sneak up on them to get some shots.

The pictures in flight were taken with my big lens without tripod on multi exposure setting.

I took just short of 200 shots in all and probably only got about 10 that were good and in focus however it was worth the effort, and thanks to the joys of digital photography an extravagance that I can afford.

I had a few more to post but have had trouble all day uploading pictures and am just happy to have managed these two! I hope to be abot to upload a few more the next time!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sky Watch Friday # 49

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