Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is a great film and a brilliant compilation, a well spent 9 minutes 55 seconds. I guarantee a giggle and I tell you it's uplifting stuff!

Where's the dog hair?

But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose - Anne Bronte

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ok Go!

I have been visiting over at T-Bone Travis's place and he mentions Pat Metheny.

Anyway I put on Secret Story and Works I and it was awesome. Then I found myself just a little too relaxed with a small list of 'must do's' for the day!

So, I have searched out a favourite track that popped up in the truck last week. Its a brilliant song with an equally clever video.

I will return to Pat later on this evening! For now this has helped me find my motivation to go and clean things!


I thought of so many things to blog about last week but didn't manage to get to the PC. I tend to write many mental posts but few make it to the blog however I really want to record this event as it was a lovely thing to happen and kept me smiling through what was otherwise a naff day at work!

A couple of weeks back while returning to the truck after my lunchtime walk I saw a chap sitting in the car park in his car. As I walked past with the pups he opened his car door and dropped an empty sweet bag and some wrappers out.

I went over to the truck and secured the dogs and then walked back over to him. He was just reversing at this time to leave and I picked the wrapper up, turned towards him and mouthed 'Did you want this?'. (I can be a little cheeky when stressed or annoyed...actually no I am just cheeky full stop!)

Anyway to my complete surprise, as I was expecting verbal abuse, he opened his window, held out his hand for the rubbish and said 'Sorry love.'

I was pleased I had bothered to say something and also pleased that the person I had challenged understood my annoyance and was decent enough to be ashamed of their actions.

So, yesterday after our lunchtime walk I had just towelled off the dogs and put them back in the truck when the same man appeared and came over to speak.

I got out of the truck and said hello, his look asked the question 'do you remember me?'.

He said that he wanted to explain about the litter incident. He told me he never dropped litter and spoke to people who did himself however on that day he had a lot on his mind and had been distracted and he was grateful to me for speaking to him and picking the litter up.

He introduced himself as Vincent and explained that here was there often as he tended three allotments on the adjacent ground. He also said that later in the summer if I ever wanted any vegetables I should go and see him and I would be welcome.

It was such a lovely moment and made me very happy. I thought of Vincent often during the rest of the day and it always made me smile, what a lovely man.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

January, February, I don't understand....

Blimey! It's mid February already! It always amazes me how quickly the beginning of the year goes although I do feel like I have achieved a lot this year which is good. I also turned 38! Its nice to be back in even numbers, I prefer them to odd ones for some unknown reason.

The picture opposite is one of my birthday gifts from my Mum and Dad. This beautiful mirror now takes pride of place in our living room.

There are a couple of lovely ladies who work in our local garage in the mornings. I often fill up there are we have quick chat and a laugh.

Well I was talking to one of them before Christmas and she told me that for her 18th birthday she was asked by her family what she wanted and she said a gilt frame mirror for her house.

They bought her one and she has always had it in her living room. She then told me that she treasured it so because in the years that have passed since she was given it everyone she loved in her life has looked in it to straighten their hair, or hat or just check their final appearance before leaving the house. Her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and finally husband and son have looked in that mirror and she treasures it because it holds a small piece of all of them, and some of them are no longer in her life.

I thought it was such a beautiful story, actually it made me fill up a bit! (I know that's a hideous pun for a filling station story!)

At the time it made me thought of a lace table cloth my paternal Grandmother had that she left to me. She had it for years, it was always out on the side table in the living room and whenever someone special to the family or within the family came to visit, or whenever a new family member was born she got them to sign the cloth or wrote their names on for them and then embroidered over it.

I got it out the other day and read all of the names. It is a similar treasure to me and has the names of so many people I love on it.

When I got this mirror it reminded me of the lady at the garage and my cloth. I will treasure this mirror in the same way.


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