Sunday, May 22, 2016

Conwy Castle

We had a great trip to Conwy Castle yesterday, more images to follow, but something I particularly noticed was the use of red sand stone as a decorative feature on archways, doorways and around the fire places. This is something I had not noticed before at other castles of the time.

The stone is softer and as such can be sculptured to greater effect and the colours and marble patterns through it are stunning.

The designer of this castle was master castle builder James of St George who worked on many castles on behalf on the then King Edward I. We have visited serval of them and while they share attributes they all are all different places to experience.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day Trips

Today is Day 1 of our weeks holiday. We are not going away as such but will be making the most of the amazing surroundings with a good few day trips as well as getting some jobs done around the home. This afternoon we are going here...

the amazing Conwy Castle, although I don't think the weather is going to be like that. We will however enjoy exploring a new castle, and travelling the beautiful road through North Wales. I shall report back on our day later.

Image Credit: Cadw

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sky Watch Friday

The skies round our way have been settled of late, lots of blue or lots of grey but no particularly interesting clouds or spectacular sunsets or sun rises. I am sure if I braved the outside at an earlier hour I could have caught something but this week I have settled for yellow skies over the River Stour in Kent...oh to have had my canoe with me.

To see more Sky Watch Friday shots from around the world click HERE.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Camping Trip in Reality.....Not too Shabby!

My camping trip yesterday was brilliant, I had a lovely pitch on a quiet site, next to the river, with a lovely walk along the river into the village for my tea. Definately a spot I will be returning to.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Going Camping

Tonight I am camping and I CANT WAIT!!!!! Its been a long while for one reason or another but it is one of my favourite activities and I always sleep the best with all that fresh air.

Image Credit: Cool Hunting

It probable wont be like this as it is raining here today, and I am on a camp site and not in the middle of nowhere, but I really don't care, I can't wait to get my camp set up and then go off for a yomp for the evening before retiring to my sleeping bag.

I stay away for work once a week and have been planning to camp as soon as the weather was warm enough. I have camped all year round but when you are up for work the next day (early to boot) a goods nights rest is vital so I have waited until the cold spell shifted.

Only 4 hours until I am off to get set up...and counting!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Feeling the Heat

We went for a fantastic walk last night up the mountain opposite Dinas Bran and I took a lot of photos. The sun was starting to set making photography a challenge and I have to say the shots are not great. However, I learned something from the process and through the use of Picasa have created some interesting images via their heat map setting. I find the process of playing with my photos therapeutic and even when they don't turn out as expected there is always some potential through editing.

The walk itself was brilliant and really opened my lungs up and challenged my leg muscles which felt great. Having lived in a very flat area of the country for years it is great to live somewhere with proper hills. It still feels like being on holiday moving here and we enjoy reminding ourselves that we now live here and can make the most of the amazing countryside at our leisure.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Inverewe Gardens and Estate, Wester Ross

A lush, sub-tropical-style, oasis perched on a peninsula at the edge of Loch Ewe amid the rugged landscape of Wester Ross, this world-famous historic garden is one of Scotland’s most popular botanical attractions. NTS Inverewe Gardens & Estate

We visited these gardens late September last year and I couldn't believe how many plants were in flower. The whole estate is somewhat sheltered supporting the many delicate blooms and sub-tropical plants that grow there. It was an amazing day out in yet another amazing part of Scotland.


This morning I am out exploring a cycle route in our new area of residence. I have already gone up a small hill and down a big hill on the main road (fun this way, maybe not so much on the way home) and have just turned onto the peace and tranquillity of the cycle route, long may it last.

Friday, May 06, 2016

What is the Etymology of that Idiom?

I always find it interesting to learn the origins of old sayings and yesterday discovered the following while reading about Tyburn, the site of public executions for nearly 600 years in London, I read that following hangings of particularly notorious or significant 'criminals' the hang man would cut up the hanging rope into sections and sell it, hence the saying 'Money for Old Rope'.

Apparently the condemned would also be taken to a public house on route from their place of incarceration to the gallows and permitted one last alcoholic drink. After that they were returned to the wagon carrying them to their doom, never to drink again, hence the sayings 'Fallen off the Wagon' or 'Back on the Wagon' referring to drinking or abstaining from drink. 

While very interesting I did find the subject matter quite horrific. I do not believe in the death penalty and historically we have been particularly barbaric in its delivery, as such rather than use an associated image to support this post I have chosen a picture of Data, a character from Star Trek The Next Generation. The subject line for this post is taken from his script during an episode where he first heard the phrase 'Burning the Midnight Oil'. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Sky Watch Friday - Busy Skies

I took this yesterday in London and was amazed at how many airplane trails there were in this one small space, given that they dissipate fairly quickly. Not my usual Sky Watch Friday post but a change is as good as a rest so they say. Now I am off to check out some more shots from around the globe, you can see more Sky Watch Friday posts HERE.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Big Smoke

I am always a tourist in London. Although I have lived in cities I am not a city girl, and visiting the capital always excites me. I have to try hard not to walk round with a grin on my face, there is so much to see and the pace is infectious.

Today I was there for business but the effect it had was the same.

I also got to pass a couple of my favourite places, and get some shots of the city blooming.

I am now however happy to be on a train home, back to the wilds of north Wales.

Wish I was here.....

I am on a train to London and while it is lovely and sunny I am feeling stuffy and confined already! Wishing I was here, vegetable and flower garden, Chirk Castle, former home of Lord Mortimer of Chirk.


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