Friday, December 31, 2010

It Does Not Bode Well!

Well the last day of the year is here and I have a lot to do, all good but all busy none the less.

Anyway, every once in a while I have one of those days where everything I do goes horribly wrong, it usually culminates with a complete disaster in the kitchen.

Days like this don't happen very often and I have learnt to recognise them and be smart enough not to try and cook anything and order out however today I am cooking tea for us and some friends to eat at their house this evening!!!!!!

So, there will be lots of counting to ten, staying calm, taking my time and praying! Happy New Year Bloggers!

Image Credit: Salvaging Cooking Disasters

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Speech!

I am not sure what I am going to write today but I felt like coming here and creating a post. Once again I have written many mental posts over the past few days. I should drag out my pocket tape recorded and then I can get them on tape when I think of them and write them up later when time allows.

I have had the most lovely Christmas with visits to see family and many communications with friends. In fact I heard from a very old friend just a few days before Christmas which was a wonderful surprise, a girl I went to school with who's parents moved away when we were about 14. For whatever reason we did not manage to keep in touch however she has found me on Facebook and it is lovely to be in touch again. I have been flooded with lots of lovely memories of good time spent with her, mostly giggling!

I was spoiled rotten with thoughtful gifts from family and Mr Dancin' and all of the gifts we gave have been very well received. Receiving is wonderful but as we all know giving is better!

Today we are having the last of our Christmas chill days before work resumes. Mr Dancin' is catching up on sleep after a lovely but long day yesterday and I am in the kitchen pottering, doing some chores, cooking lunch, playing on my PC, indulging in a large Brandy and loving every minute! Quality time at home is a treasure to me.

The dogs are also catching on sleep after all of the past few days excitement where they have missed out on some of their 'catnaps' but they are happy in the knowledge that their beds are made, their cupboard is full of goodies and there is a fairly good chance of one more special tea before normality resumes for a few days tomorrow. They had beef for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many other spoils and some turkey yesterday which had to be donated to them after they had licked it! (It's not their fault, it was just too close to the edge of the table!)

Despite being content in the moment I am looking forward to the year ahead. It has for the most been a very good year and although there are some changes afoot which bring some uncertainty to the year we already have some great plans for 2011.

Ok, I think I am done for now! Happy New Year Bloggers! May 2011 bring you all you desire and deserve!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What You Gonna Do Today?

Last night we were watching an episode of Scrubs and they played a Del Amitri song in the background. It was at the end of the episode and inspired me to put some Del Amitri on, one of my favourite bands. We ended up having Del Amitri on all evening and I sang my head off! It was great. We usually listen to our music on playlists these days and although I love the random/ duke box quality to it sometimes its just good to listen to someone you really love all night.

Anyway I have just been visiting with Scottish Nature Boy over at Breath in and out, now repeat for as long as possible, and in addition to posting some lovely shots of the Lunar Eclipse, that I recommend you go and see, he also posted a fabulous You Tube clip of Floyd at Earls Court in '94 playing Dark Side of the Moon. I saw Floyd on that tour and it brought back some amazing memories, as a result I predict a Floyd day today, in celebration of their awesome music! And I am going to start with this! Join me?

d out. Now repeat for as long as possible

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well our decorations are up and the Christmas playlist is on! Bet you can't sit still to this one!!!!

What a lovely young man he is!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keep Good Company

I met this soul on Friday while at work. He/ she (I am a little ashamed to say I did not look to check!) kept me company while I surveyed the trees in the field.

Horses are very good company. I have spent a lot of time with horses over the years, mucking out, fussing and a little riding. They are incredibly intelligent, (as all animals are) and without exception love to be told they are beautiful!

I have been kicked, bitten, head-butted, stood on, thrown while riding and lifted off the ground and chucked against a wall by horses, the last of which was all over a packet of polos, and I never tire of their amazing company.

Spotty here followed me around, gave me a nuzzle and undid the zip on my fleece coat, all in search of something to eat I am sure, but the experience lifted my spirits and made my day.

There is something very special about moments shared with animals, and I am sorry for anyone who does not have that opportunity.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Simply Nick

Funnily enough I was thinking today about creating an animated video for this song and some clever soul has beaten me to it! Great song. Next post will be my 1000th on In The Pink!!

Is It Still Too Early?

Ok I think we can all agree that I can mention the Christmas word now but is it too early to send cards? I am feeling very organised this year, all my shopping is done and half of the gifts are wrapped; still waiting for a few to be delivered.

Last night I was going to write out my cards but if you got a Christmas card next week would you think it too early? I know I can write them out and post them the week after but I do like to get the whole job done in one go.

Maybe I will wait until next weekend and then get them done.

There are a few decorations up in our neighbourhood which I do think is a little soon but each to their own. We are not ready to have the Christmas Playlist on the computer yet but yesterday I did purchase Bob Dylans Christmas album from last year to add to it.

Actually I do still have 2 presents to buy, for the pups. What do you get the dog that has everything?!

Saturday, December 04, 2010


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