Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Years in the Making

I have been blogging for 6 years now, hard to believe really! Anyway I have just been looking through my blogroll and bloggers that have come and gone over the years. When I first started blogging I spent a lot of time visiting new sites and meeting new bloggers so to speak; a few of them I still share comments with, one of them has become my friend (Hey Kyle!) which is amazing, but many of them have not blogged for some time or have deleted their blogs altogether.

When I first started out there was a lovely lady called Joni who used to blog about her farm. Unfortunately she decided she did not have time to keep her blog up and deleted it. (I have just spotted that she started it up again this year although has yet to post! Come back to the blogosphere Joni!)

There was also a blogger called Lone Chatelaine who I used to share lots of comments with. She was a lady looking for love; the last post she made on her public blog was a picture of her hand wearing an engagement ring with a lovely post about her fiancĂ©e, it always makes me smile to think of her and I wonder what she is doing now.

There was Coversgirl, my first blogging friend who maintained an amazing blog called Between the Covers about the many books she read, and Abe Lincoln, a nature lover, author and photographer, who's blog is not available to be viewed at this moment.

And lastly but most significantly there was Mac's Niece at Caged Minutes, my wonderful sister who first introduced me to blogging. Although as my sister we do communicate in many other ways as well!

I have myself been subject to fluctuations in blogging; sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes I just don't have anything to say, but I do find this hobby to be so worthwhile. I have learnt a lot, and found and corresponded with some amazing people from all around the globe. I have recently found a new blogger at Hornfleur Then and Now and am so enjoying her interesting posts.

So today I am going to travel the blogosphere once again to see what you have all been up to and find some more new bloggers! But first, I have to take a cup of coffee to Mr Dancin, snoozing away upstairs! Well it is Sunday after all! Happy weekend bloggers.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I have recently developed early wake syndrome again! Its not a bad thing in the week when I need to get up but a little disappointing at the weekend. Anyway, yesterday when it happened I was able to stay in bed until Mr Dancin woke and we had breakfast but this morning I felt restless and so decided to get up and leave him to snooze in peace.

As its dark outside I am spoiling myself with an early morning viewing of Snow White and the Huntsman, a film we got out this weekend and watched on Friday night.

Its stars Chris Hemsworth who you may remember from such films as Thor an Avengers Assemble! And is a really interesting and fresh take on the traditional Snow White story.

Snow White herself is played by Kristen Stewart who actually does a fair job however the supporting cast is even more impressive with appearances from Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Ian McShane (hasn't Lovejoy done well!) and Nick Frost.

I am really glad they did a good job of the film. The trailer we saw for it was a little over the top; film trailers nowadays seem to be either so fast paced you have no idea what is happening, or give everything away, anyway having the seen the trailer we were sceptical but I have really enjoyed the movie, twice!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Advent Calendar

Well our advent calendar is up! Now don't panic, we are not that Christmas mad! It is a calendar counting down to our Scottish Holiday for Christmas week, as seen here.

When my sister and I were little we used to make count down calendars to all sorts of things, just to help us count the days down and somehow make them seem to go quicker.

Well it was something Mr Dancin' and I took up a few years ago to count down to our summer holiday.

We had a cover image like this, a map of the area we were going to, and then doors opening up each day onto pictures of things relevant to our holiday.

The first attempt went a little wrong and each image behind the door was slightly out of shot but it made us giggle trying to guess/ remember what they were!

Well today I decided to do another calendar counting down the 64 days until we head to Scotland! Again I have used a map of the area we are off to and each image behind the doors is something significant for us.

We were discussing the calendar this evening and whether we could actually call it an advent calendar; as it was really a count down calendar to our holiday and not Christmas Day, perhaps we should be calling it an event calendar?

But on checking in my dictionary I have found out that advent means the following: the period before Christmas including the 4 Sundays before Christmas, the coming or second coming of Christ and the coming of an especially important person or event. So, advent calendar it is! And only 63 days to go now! (And 1 hour.)

Thursday, October 04, 2012

What King and Why?

I have been mentally writing a post about where I am in my history pursuits and why they are so important to me but I got distracted this evening and do not have enough time now to do it justice.

I did however at the very least want to record which King I am upto and as such may I introduce you to Henry V, son of Henry IV (that may sound obvious but it doesn't always follow that the next King of that name is the son of the former) from the 15th Century.

May I also just add that if you are really interested in this stuff, what really happened and who these people really were, do not read Shakespear or historical fiction, it is often very misleading and can lead to unjustified prejudice.

Anyway, more on the subject next time. For now I am off to find out what Henry has planned next! Goodnight Bloggers, sleep well.

Identity Crisis

I am having a small identity crisis at the moment, its nothing too serious, but I have recently had something happen in my life that has shocked me and caused me to loose confidence in myself. I am not going to go into details but I was worrying about the outcome of an event, all the while telling myself that everything would probably be fine, only to find out that things were far from fine and actually far worse than I could have ever imagined.

I thought I had got over it but this evening, when faced with a new life challenge, I have found myself sitting here, worrying and, having been so recently stunned about how events can unfold, creating new scenarios of horror! I know deep down its all rubbish but it is hard to silence the worry.

I am blogging about this not to ask for sympathy, or advice, I know what I need to do; I am blogging about this to raise the point of how easy it is to let other people or situations destroy our belief in ourselves, and in addition how much time we waste in doing this.

I am generally in a fantastic period of my life. Me and mine are fit, well, and on the whole very happy. I am also aware that thanks to life's curve balls you cannot predict how long these blissful periods will last and therefore to let it be robbed from me by something that is out of my control it rediculous. 

I am a capable person and I am proud of my achievements and abilities. The rest can go to hell!

I hope if you are reading this it may be of use to you at some point. I know writing about it and living it are two totally different things but by voicing my feelings on this I already feel stronger. And to make myself feel much better, here's a bit of Pink Floyd!


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