Monday, February 25, 2008

All Rentals Great & Small.

We have been to see 3 places for rent in the village and have our eye on one more.

House 1: 3 bed, new build, small garden, ok views, traffic and rail noise, will take dogs.

House 2: 2 bed, old split house, bottom floor only, tiny yard, no view, busy main road location, no dogs.

House 3: 3 bed, old build, very nice, small private yard in rear enclosed area for shared parking, no dogs.

House 4: Awaiting appointment to view. (Old build, tiny high walled yard.)

We are still contemplating but House 2 is definitely out.

Other weekend pursuits include using my tripod to take some shots of the moon and photographing the beautiful flowers and plants that I have thanks to family contributions since Christmas!

Our Poinsettia is defiant in its vigour and hue, and I have three bunches of beautiful roses and Lilly's.


  1. Love the photos... particularly the moon :)

  2. Oh, I love those roses and lillies! So Pretty!

  3. Good Morning Chaps! Thank you Lady Banana. I really liked the moon shots I got, I find I could stare at them for ages.

    Lone Chatelaine I am happy to share them, they have brightened up my living room for 3 weeks now and conveniently made the house smell nice during viewings!

  4. Have you decided between your choices or are you still looking and thinking on it? It's definitely not an easy decision, is it?

  5. Hello! Sorry to miss your comment for a few days. We are now decided. We will be moving at the end of March. (House 1 - new but garden and takes dogs!) Do you have any timescale for your house situation?

  6. I am the one who is behind, I'm afraid. I just posted tonight so you haven't left me waiting at all. I'm just slow. :-) I am so glad you have decided and will be able to have dogs!

    We attended a meeting last night on our housing situation and there's no date set as of yet. At the very minimum, it will be about two to three years before we will have to move. I doubt it will be quite that soon though (if you can call that soon). We should know a little more the middle of next month--at least in terms of whether it will be sooner or later. Thanks for asking.


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