Sunday, February 17, 2008

Being Buffy

I am a little confused as to how a week could have passed with me barely noticing. I can account for Thursday night onwards but the four days before that seem to have passed in a blur.

Life is having a hectic spell at present. Work is stupidly busy but just manageable and we are all feeling it in the team. Comments about employing another new arborist are already being made, and only in semi jest!

Home life seems equally mad and I am finding that leaving work to come home just heralds a different set of challenges for my strength and organizational skills.

So, I am calling on an old friend to help, and here she is!

I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and am not ashamed to admit it; if you are a fan of the super hero it's nothing short of awesome! One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to fight the demons, she alone will stand against them, well she and her pals, and her always attractive male interests. (For the record not Riley.......just too darn wholesome!)

It’s not actually just her who is helping, I have always loved super heroes: Zorro (The original and The Gay Blade!), the Fonz (Ok super hero may not apply but he was cool and wise), Captain Picard Star Trek The Next Generation and equally Commander Data, Buzz Lightyear, Hong Kong Phooey, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Spiderman, the key factor is that the lead character has the kind of integrity that can only exist in fiction; they are strong, selfless, logical, disciplined and always right. The tougher they are, the more I like them!

At times in my life when things get on top of me and I feel weak I make myself the hero figure. It means I have to go on whether I like it or not. There is no questioning whether I can be strong enough, I have to be and that’s all there is to it. There are no other options.

I strive to attain the hero characters excellence. If such integrity can be conceived of it can be lived as a code of conduct, I do not believe it is possible to achieve it as reliably as the super heroes do, however it is a worthwhile model I enjoy testing myself against as I explore my own standards and deal with the tough times.

Image Credit: BBC Cult Buffy Gallery


  1. I have never thought to look at heroes that way. I might just do that the next time I am feeling overwhelmed. Maybe channel a little Buffy to help me deal with a particularly difficult situation. Or better yet, Willow (I always liked her best).

    I do hope things calm down for you soon all fronts!

  2. Good call, plus Willow is a lot smarter too!

    Thanks for your comment, I know things will level out eventually!

  3. I really miss that show. Maybe I should break out the DVDs and watch it again.

  4. You know it makes sense! I did think about it myself this evening but have managed to loose myself blogging and surfing!

    (I did download a song played at the Bronze from Series II tonight though! Nickel, Stupid Thing)

  5. Maybe that's why I always related to Angel more than Buffy. Angel is a brooder too, like me.

    I do love those TV series, though. Angel was my favorite. It had a dark quality to that I liked, which is odd for me. I usually like the light and fluffy when it comes to TV or books. I always liked the vampires best, though. I think it was the historical aspect. I loved it when they had episodes with Angelus, Darla, Drusilla, and Spike. And then I loved the last season of Angel with Spike on it.

    Ok, I may have to get my DVDs out and watch again too :)

  6. Excellent, a Buffy and Angel fest all round! Well I am there with you both in spirit!

  7. I like to think we all have a little bit of superhero in us. :-)

    And for the record, I liked Buffy, but I always enjoyed the darker feel of the Angel series more. Plus I think I related more to the taciturn broodiness of Angel.

  8. Hey L^2! We unfortunately got very little Angel on terrestrial TV here and I do not have cable/ sky or digital so we missed out. What I did get to see I really liked though.


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