Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just in case anyone is interested the porridge seemed to be a good idea. I felt awake, happy and productive this morning, although the breakfast stimulated my system and I got a growling stomach at 11am!

I am not trying to eat less I am just trying to get a routine that is easy to stick to and healthy.

When I was younger and looking after just me (and the dog) I used to buy 5 baking potatoes, 5 tins of beans and some butter every week. I had baked potato with beans every night and usually got a kebab or burger at the weekends! (Pre-vegetarian years!)

There is loads of food you can buy 5 of and are nice every day and save you the trouble of cooking lots every night!!

However, I now have a healthier taste for food and mixing convenient and healthy is a little more tricky. Possible, but tricky.

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