Monday, February 04, 2008


I got these beautiful Roses from my Mum and Dad yesterday, and thought they should be shared.


  1. Nice flowers. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Very pretty. Pink roses or pink-ish roses are my favorite.

  3. Hello Old Man Lincoln! Thank you and ditto, good to see you here. I will be sure to visit your blog again soon. It's been a brilliant week for new blogs.

    Hey Lone Chatelaine! I am glad you like them. They are very delicate. I have this thing to ask you. You know when you start to get to know someone there is sometimes an urge to abbreviate their name? I am having that with you. I think I have referred to you once as L.C. but after thought you might not like it.

    Some people don't like having their names for one (my given name that is)so I thought I would ask. Any suggestions or just stick to the full name?

    Hope you are very well bud.

  4. Beautiful flowers! And Happy Birthday :)


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