Friday, February 01, 2008

Scotland Here I Come!

I got some great news at work today. I am going to survey Scotland! Ok that is a slight exaggeration but I am going to Scotland for 9 days surveying trees! I grinned so much when I heard, and nearly exploded with joy. As it is my favourite place in the world the offer of being paid to have a 9 day working holiday there is just top banana!

In celebration here are some photos I took on Skye last year. For work I am going to the North West Highlands so there will be no shortage of awesome views. I may even come back with a picture of the monster!


  1. I'M SOOOO JEALOUS! I want to go there so bad. *stomps foot*

    You're going to have a blast! :)

  2. How wonderful! I love it when I get to travel for work--which for me is very rare considering the type of job I have. I hope you have a good time in Scotland!

  3. Morning Lone Chatelaine! I promise to post lots of photos on my return. I should be going late Feb to mid March so it is going to be beautiful and wild!

    Hello Literary Feline! I am so happy about the trip. It's going to be hard work with lots of walking each day (probably about 10-12Km)but walking and Scotland are two of my favourite things. My only concern is will I have enough memory space on my camera memory card......maybe I should get a spare before I go!


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