Monday, February 04, 2008

Birthday Treats

It is my birthday this week and we had planned to go out for a meal and then to the flicks to see Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter however, just as the plans had been finalised my partner told me that the England football team were playing that night, and for extra umph it is their first game under our new coach Fabio Capello!

We are therefore going to watch the football down our local instead! Now please don't get me wrong this is my choice and not a rant post about men and football. We always watch football together and more importantly we never miss an England game. It just made me laugh that we had spent a while planning a night out which was then totally irrelevant as the footballs on!

I am curious about the new coach. I do not support the idea of a non English coach however, he has been appointed and therefore it is my duty as a fan to support him. He has probably made some early enemies by leaving David Beckham out of the squad for this game, therefore denying him his 100th cap for his country, but if he feels Beckham's place needs to be earned then............oh who am I kidding? I know it should be about what's best for the team but here I think I would give him his 100th cap, I mean the man's a football legend!

Anyway, Sweeney Todd will have to wait for a few days but I am really looking forward to seeing it. Helena Bonham Carter is extremely talented and stirs me with her performances. Johnny Depp.....what do I need to say?

Finally, this weekend I am being treated to a birthday spoil by my sister. I am not divulging any details but needless to say we are packing in tonnes of good stuff! I also plan a trip back to Norfolk to capture some of that beautiful sky with my camera. Photo's to some soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the football game, and the movie whenever you finally get to go to it. I haven't seen it yet, but have heard good things about it from friends.

  2. Hey Guys! Thank you both very much!

    I can't wait for the football. I am hoping this chap can turn us into the team I know we have the raw talent to be......but I am not betting on it, I really do think only an English manager who understands the way English players play can do that but you never know.

    As for Sweeney Todd I am sure it's going to be brilliant!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday and many, many more. Hope you were able to go see the movie Sweeney Todd, two of our daughters want to see it also. I found your blog, by coming to your Green Man blog who I found through Tom Wigley. Tom and Jane are a hoot. We e-mail each other jokes.

  4. Hello Patty, thank you and Welcome! I think Sweeney Todd is on the cards for next week, I have heard it's brilliant! I have had a brilliant birthday and been spoilt rotten!

    Hey Literary Feline, thank you!


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