Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok, aside from being Buffy, I am now officially in training. I go to Scotland on the 7th March for about a week and a half, there are 41km to cover over rough terrain, I'll be carrying a lot of kit, it could be snowing, it could be dark....and I might be wearing sunglasses! Sorry I drifted off into The Blues Brothers at the end there!

I was supposed to commence training last did not happen. So, from this day forth I will not be starting the day with raw eggs, one armed sit-ups and running but some form of vigorous exercise is going to be part of every day. It also gives me a nice kick start into getting really fit, one of my aspirations for the year.


  1. You know who6:09 pm

    One armed sit ups???? Sounds a bit like one cheeked f*rting - i.e. not sure it can be done by mere mortals - but maybe by buffy?!! Video footgage wood be an advantage!

  2. I am officially impressed :)

    I am going to go to Scotland day ;-)

  3. Hey You-who, have you ever heard the sound of one hand clapping?

    So I meant one armed push ups which are demonstrated by Sylvester Stallone on the clip. Not quite the video footage you were after!

    Hey Lone Chatelaine, it's really not the weather for this kind of exertion but it's got to be done! You should start planning your Scotland trip and book a month/ year to go!


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