Saturday, February 09, 2008



  1. Great shot! I have some snowdrops on my blog and my Flickr, too. You should open a Flickr page and post all your photos!! All you need to do is open a Yahoo account - it's free and you'll have great fun with it!

  2. Beautiful shot, these little flowers give such joy, remind us spring is on the way!

    Easy to believe here in London today, it's been unbroken sun, beautifully bright even though a bit chilly..

  3. Wolf - Thank you, I have a webshots account which allows me to upload photos. I have tried to curb my registration with associated clubs as when I started blogging I joined everything and it got a bit out of hand but I will definitely visit your flickr page.

    Lady Banana - Thank you. I expect we have had similar weather these past few days and hasn't it been fabulous. The sun is so warm and although it's a little frosty here today I was out in just a t-shirt and jeans yesterday!


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