Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things to do ASAP!

My birthday has made me think of a few things I have been meaning to do or complete for a while now. I am 36 this year which is on the downward slope to 40 which is a sitting a little oddly with me. I make every effort not to spend anytime worrying about age for two reasons: it's only a number and you can't change it anyway!

Also I do not believe that there are certain things you have to have achieved by a certain age. Everyone has to live their life as they see best.

I have though been thinking about things I do really want to get sorted and make plans for. I don't want to be sitting here on my next birthday thinking blimey I still have not done anything about that!

So, I have decided so draw up a list of things to sort ASAP and post them in a list. I look forward to crossing them off as time goes by!

1. Fetch my 1959 Series II Landrover from County Durham and begin it's restoration.

Before we left County Durham I was driving my Landrover everyday however leaving any vehicle standing still is not a good idea and consequently there is some work to do before I can get it back on the road. It has though always been a restoration project for me and I am really keen to get my hands on it! I expect this will be one of the first items I complete however it has been outstanding for far too long!

2. See the Aurora Borealis.

Just look at it! Something this beautiful has to be seen, and it is here....on our planet! I know you cannot always guarantee a good viewing of it but it's got to be worth a few tries!

3. Walk the Pennine Way.

I have wanted to do this for many years, along with lots of other walks. My attraction to the Pennine Way is the countryside it traverses, culminating in my favourite English county Northumberland, and it's length. At a good pace it will take me three weeks. How fabulous will that be! I had thought it would be a mixture of Bed & Breakfast stops and impromptu camping. This one could take a few years to arrange but the planning starts now!

4. Set up a family crafts website.

This is a project I have been planning and chipping away at for a while now. I have wares to sell, business advice and, thanks to Wolf at My Spot, a good web provider to try out at ETSY. It's just a time thing now. I need to plan time aside for consultation with my family and site planning. I want this year to see the launch of 'All Things Crafty'! That's not the actual name but you get the gist!

5. Get really fit!

Ever since I can remember I have thought how good it would be to be really fit and strong, gymnastic like. I have been fit at different stages of my life and my weight fluctuates constantly! I don't stress about it, I eat pretty much what I want and exercise when I wan to change myself but I would really like to have a go at being really fit!

I used to dream of being a black belt at some martial art....or all of them, when I was little. My sister has taken up Kick Boxing and already achieved her first belt! I am extremely proud, as are all of the family, but I am not sure that martial arts are the path I want to take to fitness now.

So I am going to give getting fit a go. I had this conversation with myself this time last year, this time is going to be the final time!

Ok, I think 5 is a good number to start with! I will keep you posted on my progress as the year goes on. I hope to have four completed by the end of the year and the 5th, the Pennine Way, well and truly organised!

On a final note I have had a brilliant birthday and have been spoilt rotten! I also have a great weekend planned with my sister fast approaching. Thank you to everyone who left me a birthday message, and to all friends and family for their kind thoughts and generous gifts.


  1. I'd love to see the Aurora Borealis too.

    I had problems with turning 40. Turns out it's really nothing, but I'll admit that I still get depressed sometimes about it. I guess that's because I'm not satisfied with my life and myself. My friends that are 40 and satisfied with theirselves don't think a thing about being 40.

    I'll be 41 soon :-(

  2. That's your challenge for this year then, get you happy with yourself and your life! (I know it always sounds simple in theory, lets check in with each other a year on and review our overall progress!)

  3. That is a great list. I hope to get fit too. Someday. I was once upon a time, but I got out of the habit when my work schedule changed drastically. :-(

    I admit I'm not looking forward to turning 35 this year. I really liked being 33. I want to be 33 for the rest of my life.

  4. Thank you! I am starting on the fit bit today as I have a date for my Scotland trip. It's a month away and I will need to be a bit fitter than I am now!

    I always like the even age numbers.....although not one this so much! 32 was good for me. I will definitely join you in the staying early 30's forever!

    Although I do think age is bringing some wisdom (not alot!) and I would not trade that for youth.


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